Packing List for Uruguay Duck Hunting with Los Gauchos Outfitters

Los Gauchos Bird Hunting: What to Bring

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting | Argentina Duck Hunting

Uruguay & Argentina Duck Hunts:

What to bring for your Uruguay duck hunt and Argentina Duck Hunt:

  • 12 or 20 gauge shotgun for waterfowl
    * Optional * Los Gauchos provides 12 ga shotguns for duck hunting in Argentina and Uruguay. Please contact our office for the current stock. We update each season! The majority of the guns in Uruguay are Beretta Xtrema.
    Note: Please check with us before bringing other than 12 gauge shotguns to ensure shell availability.
  • Travel gun case (stainless steel or heavy duty fiberglass, absolutely no plastic cases). This item only applies if you will be bringing your own shotgun into Argentina or Uruguay.
  • Travel gun case (stainless steel or heavy duty fiberglass, absolutely no plastic cases). This item only applies if you will be bringing your own shotgun into Argentina or Uruguay.
  • Bring modified or imp. chokes (waterfowl) and improved cylinder (Perdiz)
  • Earplugs
  • Upland hunting boots (preferably waterproof, sometimes there is standing water)
  • Upland hunting vest and/or shell pouch.
  • Be prepared for temperature changes: we recommend both wool and cotton socks
  • Thermal underwear: Lightweight only if you are hunting between May 1st and June 15th
  • Thermal underwear: Medium weight if you are hunting between June 15th and July 10th
  • Thermal underwear: Heavy to polar weight if you are hunting between July 15th and Aug 15th
  • Waterproof waterfowl parka (Gore Tex, or equivalent) waterproof bib, or coveralls.
  • Chest waders are NOT necessary for URUGUAY duck hunting. Los Gauchos does recommend rubber boots for areas where standing water is possible. Hip boots are good for the areas we access for duck hunting in Uruguay. We recommend lightweight nylon fly fishing waders. They are cooler much easier to transport. (May ? July)
  • Light weight neoprene chest waders (July ? September) for Argentina duck hunting and duck hunting in Peru.
  • The weather during the whole season can be very volatile, so be prepared by bringing: wool sweaters, long sleeve cotton shirts, and polar fleece zip-up tops. Layering is important.

    Depending on the time of year it can be 32F and windy in the morning, then end up in the high 50's, or 40F in the mid-morning, followed by 60F and calm winds by the afternoon
  • Camo face masks: both wool, and lightweight depending on temps. Mandatory for goose hunting in Peru.
  • Camo gloves, both lightweight and heavy weight
  • Shooting glasses, sunglasses, sunscreen (water reflection), and Chap Stick
  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing around the lodge. Jeans, tennis shoes, baseball caps, etc.
  • All electricity is 220 in Argentina & Uruguay (European style) we have converters for your 110 stuff like: laptop computers, digital cameras, Palm devices, electric razors, etc. But the hotels in Buenos Aires and the airports do not. It is always a good idea to bring your own plug converter. With more and more electronics (iPhones, iPads, cameras, blackberrys, iPods) needing to be recharged, the lodge may not have enough for eveyone's electronics.
  • Shaving kit: Mylanta, Advil (or preferred painkiller), Neosporin, Band-Aids, vitamins, prescription medications, etc.
  • Insect repellant. Be sure to bring the pump spray type, the TSA confiscates aerosols these days. Deep Woods OFF! recommended.
  • A small flashlight of some kind is a must! (the kind that attach to your hat or hand around your neck are great) You will need these because we will be arriving on time to all shooting areas?meaning well before daylight.
Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Upland Hunting

Upland hunting takes place in fields that are free from cacti and high grass. The area is typically a clear area. While there are no regulations for orange vests while Perdiz hunting, Los Gauchos Outfitters puts safety first when hunting in South America. We suggest wearing an orange vest or shirt while Upland hunting.

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting:
  • comfortable walking boots - shoes
  • orange vest - shirt
  • pouch for shells
  • hat - sunglasses - sunscreen

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting

Pigeon hunting in Uruguay is a challenge and great bird hunt. Shooting pigeons over decoys can be done at 2 lodges in Uruguay. La Tany, the 5 star Uruguay Hunting Lodge, is a pigeon only destination. Los Gauchos La Paz enables clients to shoot pigeons along with Perdiz hunting and dove hunting. The pigeons in Uruguay are large - similar in size to ducks.

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting:
  • Punta del Este Lodge - March & April Pigeon Hunting
  • Los Gauchos La Paz - Uruguay Pigeons - Perdiz - Doves
  • Uruguay Pigeon shooting - set up with blinds over decoys
  • Uruguay Pigeons - about the size of a wood duck

Please use this checklist as a guide for packing for your Uruguay - Argentina or Peru duck hunt.

Weather patterns can change. Plan on cool AM duck hunts and with the sun out, be ready to warmer temperatures during your afternoon duck hunt.

You will be in the midst of prime duck hunting fields and rice farms, retail store are not easily accessible - do not pack too much, but pack enough to enjoy your duck hunt with Los Gauchos Outfitters!

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