South America Hunting Trips - Forecast for Temperatures while Hunting in Argentina - Uruguay - Peru

Weather - Argentina Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Argentina Dove Hunting

Weather forecast for Argentina Dove Hunting destinations. Argentina dove hunting lodges are located about 1 hour from Cordoba, Argentina.


Argentina Duck Hunting

The weather forecast for Santa Fe, Argentina. The Argentina duck - dove - Perdiz hunting lodge is located near Santa Fe, Argentina.

Santa Fe:

Weather - Uruguay Hunting

Uruguay Weather 0 Hunting Trips - Los Gauchos

Uruguay Dove Hunting

Weather forecast for Uruguay Dove Hunting lodges. This displays Mercedes, Uruguay - other lodges are about 1 hour from Mercedes, Uruguay.


Uruguay Duck Hunting

The weather forecast for Uruguay duck hunting lodge: Fortin Lodge. Rio Branco Lodge is located just 1 hour north of Chuy, Uruguay.

Uruguay Weather 0 Hunting Trips - Los Gauchos

Uruguay Dorado Fishing

The temperatures for dorado fishing destination in Uruguay. Salto, Uruguay is the site for fishing trips with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting

The weather forecast for La Tany Lodge - pigeon hunting destination. Los Gauchos La Paz is located in Paysandu, Uruguay.
Punta del Este:

Weather - Peru Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Peru Dove Hunting

Weather forecast for Peru bird hunts. The Andean Goose hunting is high in the mountains - much cooler tempertaures.

Peru Goose Hunting

The temperature for goose hunts in Peru are cold. Dress for the high elevation with warm layers. You will only be up there a few hours so pack some warm gloves and thick socks.

Lima, Peru:

Comfort is key when packing for your South American hunting trip with Los Gauchos Outfitters. Remember, Argentina and Uruguay are below the equator, so temperatures and seasons are opposite those in North America. Peru is mild all year.

Make sure you check with your airline about baggage fees. Most American Airline flights do not charge for the first bag on international flights. Again, always check with your specific airline company.

If you decide to bring your favorite shotgun with you to Argentina or Uruguay (you CAN NOT bring a gun into Peru) - keep all your paperwork with you and make sure you have it to show the authorities in Argentina. Los Gauchos staff have all gone through the process of checking in and traveling with shotguns to Argentina and Uruguay - so call us for questions.

Have a great hunting trip and we look forward to hearing and seeing some pictures from your bird hunt in Argentina, Uruguay, and/or Peru.

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