Pigeon Hunting in Uruguay - Exciting Shooting over Decoys with Los Gauchos Outfitters

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Our destination in Western Uruguay offers consistent decoyed pigeon shooting year round! The pigeons are hunted over static and motion decoys in crop fields, and picked up with trained Retrievers. Once you get a taste of this unique style of decoyed shooting, you will be hooked.

Los Gauchos offers a NEW Uruguay pigeon hunting destination in the famed beach resort of Punta del Este. A prime vacation spot and add to it - excellent pigeon shooting. You have the perfect place for the family, non bird hunters and bird hunting fanatics.

All will love the Uruguay Pigeon Lodge in Punta del Este with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

We have several other hunting locations that offer a variety of accommodation packages that will cater to every taste and budget: 4 star, 4.5 star, and 5 star.

The shooting is high volume, and the birds are a challenge for even a master class sporting clays shot?it takes a lot of shot to bring them down, and they are gifted aerobatic flyers?much more challenging than Argentina doves.

Decoying Pigeons will test the skills of even the best shooter..."

Our guests can expect to shoot 5 to 15 boxes of shells on a typical outing. Shooters are concealed in well-camouflaged ground hunting blinds, that resemble duck blinds, in the middle of the crop fields; and just like ducks do, the pigeons decoy easily into the mix.

However, unlike ducks, the pigeons are tougher to hit. The do not fly in straight lines, but instead fly in jagged bounces like a dove, but worse?and they are hard to bring down unless your shot is spot on, or the bird is shot at very close range.

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