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Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Uruugay Perdiz Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Those who desire to hunt Perdiz only need to book a trip to Uruguay - Perdiz and Uruguay Dove Hunting combo hunts are some of the most popular bird hunting trips and most affordable in Uruguay.

Los Gauchos provides some of the best Perdiz hunting in the northwest part of Uruguay and with options for lodges and opportunities to include high volume doves and/or pigeons, Perdiz hunting is a highlight for South American bird hunting.

Hunters who desire and duck and upland combo in Argentina or Uruguay should contact us to discuss the specifics of both locations.

Hunters who wish to do a dove and Perdiz hunting combinations should contact us to discuss the details particular to both locations.

The best Perdiz hunt is combined with Uruguay dove hunting. However, the Los Gauchos Fortin Duck Lodge also provides an afternoon or 2 for Upland hunting if you choose.

Western Uruguay has the best Perdiz hunting in the world. Period.

Near the Uruguay dove hunting ranches, endless tracts of pastureland are saturated with these wild birds.

The walking is easy, and the dogs are well-bred and well-trained English Setters, a variety of different pointers, or a Brittany. All pure pleasure Upland game bird dogs to shoot behind. Points often come every three to five minutes, as the hunter quickly fills his daily limit in about an hour; sometimes less.

Hunting with a bird dog - Uruguay Perdiz hunting is a classic hunt.

We hunt Perdiz in both the mornings, and afternoons, depending the itinerary of our guests.

But in either case, the result is the same: the dogs quickly locate the birds, and hunters come up with quick limits in a just short period of time. Even the rice and duck country region of southeastern Uruguay has good Perdiz hunting.

Uruguay Perdiz

Perdiz hunting is not a high volume affair. The limit is only 12 per day, so in the world of international wingshooting, not too many hunters make a trip to South America solely to hunt Perdiz. Almost always, Perdiz hunts are combined with doves, pigeons, or ducks. In western Uruguay the combo hunts are conducted in this manner: decoyed pigeons or Perdiz in the morning, followed by doves in the afternoon. But on the eastern side of the country, Perdiz are hunted in the afternoons in lieu of more ducks.

When spooked, the Perdiz will lie perfectly still with their heads down, or run away quickly on the ground. Only when the dog and hunter come within a yard or two of the Perdiz, will the bird fly. When they do, the leap into the air and level off just a foot or two off the deck and punch out low and hard, rising only at approximately a 15 to 20 degree angle as they quickly put distance between the hunter and the hunted.

You travel this far why not experience all the bird hunting you can? Los Gauchos Outfitters allows you to - so contact us today.

Uruguay Dove - Perdiz Hunt

D ove hunting and Perdiz hunting in Uruguay is a supreme hunting trip. With some of the world's best guides and high volumes of doves - the western side of Uruguay is a bird hunter's paradise.

The doves are always flying and Perdiz season lasts from May to July - so plenty of time to take this classic Uruguay bird hunting trip.

Los Gauchos Outfitters offers this Uruguay perdiz & dove hunt out of several lodges.

While dove hunting is usually a 3 day hunt, when you add the Upland hunting - a four day trip is worthwhile.

Uruguay Duck - Perdiz Hunt

U rugay duck hunting along with an afternoon or two of Perdiz hunting is a great Uruguay bird hunt.

Out of the same lodge, you can go out for an AM duck hunt - return for lunch - then head back out with the setters and guides to Perdiz hunt.

The Los Gauchos Outfitters offers the duck and Perdiz hunting out of Fortin Lodge.

Learn more about the Uruguay waterfowl hunt that includes ducks & Perdiz. Don't forget the Upland hunting season lasts from May 1 to July 31st.

The limit for Perdiz is 10 per day per hunter.

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