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Uruguay Dove - Perdiz Hunting Lodge - Mercedes

Uruguay Lodge - Mercedes - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Mercedes Lodge - a luxury high quality dove hunting - Upland hunting estancia in Uruguay is a Los Gauchos exclusive. This Uruguay hunting lodge caters to clients looking for more than high volume dove hunting. The Perdiz hunting and the professional guides and quality Upland dogs make the Mercedes lodge a top choice for Uruguay hunting.

The Mercedes Lodge in Uruguay is hard to surpass; with amazing views of the Rio Negro (Freshwater River with Dorado), high volume doves on the property, and professional guides with a high attention to detail and quality Uruguay hunting.

One frequently asked question we always get via email is this:

How does Argentina duck hunting compare to Mexico duck hunting?

Our answer is easy! There is no comparison. Argentina's duck hunting beats Mexico in every area, without fail (more species, more ducks, closer over decoys, no long drives--you name it).

The only thing that compares to the quality of the Argentina duck hunts themselves is the total experience simple and laid back lives of yesteryear.

Duck hunting trips in Argentina offer a modest level of escape and therapy for those who are looking to escape a hot, dry, and hectic summer back in North America or Europe.

The cuisine, the fine wines from the Mendoza region, and the always cordial Argentine people make this foray to South America an all time favorite of much of the international wingshooting community.

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