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Uruguay Hunting Lodge - Los Gauchos La Paz

La Paz Uruguay Bird Hunting Lodge - Los Gauchos Outfitters

La Paz is a resort lodge with Uruguay bird hunting for those wanting it all. At Los Gauchos La Paz one can shoot ducks, pigeons (over decoys), doves, and Perdiz. The best time to take this Uruguay mixed bag hunt is May - June - or July, since the Uruguay Perdiz hunting season ends July 31st.

The Los Gauchos La Paz is a first rate resort with walking trails, tennis courts, and pool. The food is excellent and Los Gauchos clients can enjoy fine wine from local vineyards.

For those wanting the best duck hunting please know duck hunting at this location is not the Los Gauchos duck hunting that takes place at our 2 lodges in the rice fields. However, La Paz does give a good bird hunt with a variety of Uruguay birds.

Los Gauchos La Paz provides the ultimate Uruguay mixed bag hunt with ducks, doves, Perdiz, and pigeons.

Can I shoot ducks, doves, Perdiz, and pigeons out of one Uruguay lodge?

Good variety and comfotable lodging at Los Gauchos La Paz.

La Paz is a great destination for families and those that have spouses that do not want to hunt. The area is nice with lots of nature and the calm, peacefulness that makes Uruguay famous.

The location of La Paz is about 3.5 hours from Montevideo near the city of Paysandu. Hunting is available year round for pigeons and doves, with the addition of morning duck hunts from May to August.

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