The Duck Hunting in Uruguay is the BEST in the World !

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Even though we cut our teeth as duck hunting outfitters in Argentina, our most popular waterfowl program to date is: Uruguay duck hunting.

Duck hunting in Uruguay is one of the most well kept secrets in the world of water-fowling, and is still largely undiscovered.

No other outfitter offers more Uruguay duck hunting than Los Gauchos Outfitters.

With one lodge that sells out each season, Los Gauchos has been consistent in our quest to offer nothing less than the best bird hunting in Uruguay--bar none. Although we have offered Argentina duck hunting for over a decade, nothing delivers quite like the hunting in Uruguay.

Uruguay has emerged as an amazing country for wing shooting, and even the Uruguay dove hunting has now become a viable competitor with Argentina. Have you ever dreamed of a duck hunting paradise in a far away place that less than ten percent of the world's duck hunters can stake a claim?

There are such places, and the small friendly nation of Uruguay is one of them. In the flooded rice fields near the Brazilian border exists a custom made duck hunting lodge or as it has been accurately named: The Los Gauchos Uruguay Duck Hunting Club, so secluded that one will not only never hear a shot fired by another hunter, but not even the hint of the "hand of man" - not an airplane, truck, chainsaw, or any other type of noise pollution.

In the last decade, Uruguay bird hunting has exploded as a international wing shooting destination, now with several thousand visitors per year discovering the great shooting opportunities that this little country has to offer.

Now more than ever, hunters are pouring into Uruguay to become a part of what is shaping up to be the last of the "Good Ole Days".

Uruguay was once a province of Argentina, and Argentina has excellent wing shooting all throughout the country?so why would Uruguay be any less?

It is not. There is fantastic wing shooting and water-fowling throughout Uruguay, and it is now being enjoyed by many who have either been hunting in Argentina before, or have at least been acquainted with those who have.

No more do I have to ask "got ducks?" - Uruguay has ducks.

Uruguay is the perfect waterfowl destination for old pros, and newcomers to South America, alike. If you would like to see first hand just how good the duck hunting in Uruguay is for yourself, you need not look further than the Los Gauchos YouTube channels to see the results. Hunting videos showcasing some duck hunting in Uruguay - also aired on the Outdoor Channel.

Uruguay duck hunting is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting waterfowl venues in the world today, right up there with Argentina duck hunting.

One must often travel a long way to paradise, and this duck hunting paradise is no exception?it is an eight hour flight from Miami. The drive is a four hour one from the big city (only 1 million) of Montevideo and soon you hit the rice farms and the duck hunting marshes that are on your left and right.

Not much traffic - just Uruguay ducks - and acre after acre of crops that magnetizes ducks. A long duck hunting season with a good variety and consistent duck hunts all day long.

Classic Uruguay duck hunting lodges for Los Gauchos waterfowl hunters. Priced right and duck hunting right, you are sure to be in a wonderland of waterfowl with Los Gauchos in Uruguay.

Plan your Uruguay duck hunt today.

Uruguay Duck Hunting - When it is best?

While many waterfowl hunters are just dreaming about duck hunting season during the summer months in North America, Uruguay is enjoying the beginning of a long duck hunting season with bird hunting cool temperatures. Duck hunting at its finest during the months of May, June, July, August and part of September. May is opening month and a popular time for Uruguay duck hunting trips.

The ducks will consist of teal and lots of them. Uruguay does not have hunting pressure like the US does, so these ducks will come right into the decoys and become part of one of the best duck hunting destinations on the map. Uruguay duck hunting takes place among the rice farms and little waters, which ducks often look for, are numerous at the sites. Natural dry blinds and guides that will assist with the species and calls makes Uruguay duck hunting some of the best waterfowl hunting in the world.

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