Uruguay Duck Hunting at Fortin with Los Gauchos Outfitters

Uruguay Duck Hunting - Fortin Lodge

Uruguay Duck Hunting Lodge - Fortin Lodge

Fortin is just one of the Los Gauchos Uruguay duck hunting lodges. With prime duck hunting from May to September and the ability to add Upland hunting during the Perdiz hunting season, Fortin is a favorite among waterfowlers.

Located near Chuy, Uruguay, this destination is prime for duck hunting. Rice farms and and more than ducks than people, this one time secret duck hunting spot is now the most popular location for outstanding waterfowl hunting in Uruguay.

The Fortin Lodge is set-up with hotel amenities. Internet connections and private baths are standard.

While the daily rates reflect double occupancy, Los Gauchos can always provide a single room (small fee for single rooms).

The duck hunting is about 20 to 30 minutes away and there are countless areas where the Uruguay ducks come right into the decoys.

If you enjoy duck hunting, then Los Gauchos Fortin Lodge is the duck hunting trip to take.

Clients can enjoy duck hunting all day from May 1st until September 15th. If you want some other Uruguay bird hunting opitons, you can opt for Perdiz hunting at the Fortin Lodge with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

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The Fortin Lodge is double occupancy with private bathrooms. Huge dining areas with an authentic asado where clients enjoy grilled beef, sausage, Perdiz, and duck along with fresh vegetables for dinner. Fine local wines and scrumptious desserts are just part of the Uruguay duck hunt at the Fortin Lodge.

Duck hunting at the Fortin is great for the experienced waterfowler to the first timer or maybe the first hunt with your son or daughter. The guides are all professional duck hunting guides that know the ducks, hunting, safety and share their knowledge if asked.

Los Gauchos Outfitters provides 12 gauge shotguns (Beretta Urikas) for all of our clients. You may bring your own shotgun, but do know guns are included in the daily rate for the Fortin duck hunts.

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