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Dove hunting in Uruguay is like shooting doves in Cordoba's backyard. Just 50 minutes from the port in Buenos Aires, Carmelo is home to the five star Four Seasons Uruguay as well as high quality dove hunting near by.

There are almost five times the number of birds as there are buildings and people, and locals do not seem to place dove hunting on their top list for activities.

Los Gauchos has exclusive specials for Uruguay dove hunting packages with accommodations at local hotels. Take a look at some of the places and start to set aside a long weekend for dove hunting in Uruguay.

Uruguauy is a great destination for dove hunting. There is no shortage of birds and the Uruguay dove hunting season is when you want it to be. No limits and no season, Uruguay dove hunting is a perfect bird hunt for the volume shooter.

Uruguay has got to be the world record destination for high volume doves...

If staying in Carmelo, dove hunting can take up 2 or 3 days, but this little town of Uruguay also has local wineries, a world class golf course that is part of the Four Seasons Carmelo Resort, and great local restaurants. Don't forget that if you book a Uruguay dove hunt between May and July - you can experience some of the best Perdiz hunting in the world.

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