Wow, I just love my opening day of dove hunting in Cordoba - sky full of doves, flying high - low - and they keep coming - but wait, I'm not in Cordoba. I'm in Uruguay. And everywhere I look, the sky is black with doves. It looks like Argentina. It feels like Argentina. But it's not dove hunting in Argentina it is dove hunting in Uruguay, with a twist!

Uruguay Dove Hunting

Uruguay Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

There has never been a more exciting time to book a Uruguay dove hunting trip with Los Gauchos than right now. Better still, dove hunting in Uruguay with Los Gauchos Outfitters is the best value in the industry.

While other agents charge rich commissions, don't include shotguns, and attach other ridiculous fees, Los Gauchos continues to offer the same highly inclusive hunting packages that we have from the beginning when we started with Argentina dove hunting over ten years ago... Read about Uruguay Dove Hunting from a long-time client and wingshooter who has been dove hunting in Texas, Mexico, Cordoba all his life ----

Welcome to South American dove hunting. It is the land of the big steaks, beautiful women, vintage wines, and just all out fun. After a day of double shooting down here, every single part of your body hurts, not just your shoulders.

Los Gauchos offers dove hunting in combination with the Upland hunting at all of our Uruguay dove lodges. Upland hunting is a great combination to the high volume shooting you will do in the dove hunting fields.

Los Gauchos is proud to announce our entry into the high volume dove hunting market in Western Uruguay. This region is a big-time rich dove hunting resource, comparable only to Cordoba dove hunting.

The hunting lodge is located 3.5 hours from the Montevideo International airport by automobile, or forty minutes by air charter. It is also conveniently located 4 hours from Buenos Aries as well (by chartered van). Guests arriving by air can expect to hunt the afternoon of arrival, and those arriving by land will arrive just in time for cocktails and dinner—beginning their hunt the next morning.

Fantastic trip - Uruguay dove hunting. Food, service, and high volume dove shooting.

This location is also easily accessible from Buenos Aries, Argentina. In fact, this dove hunting lodge is equidistant from Montevideo and Buenos Aires—a 4 hour drive from both.

This makes it easy for shooters to enjoy the great city of Buenos Aires, and hunt in Uruguay too. So, regardless of whether you are combo-hunting, or sightseeing, our dove hunting estancia is conveniently located to suit your needs.

Dove Hunting Uruguay

Uruguay dove hunting adventures are more than just high volume dove shooting. It is experiencing Uruguay culture, enjoying the taste of Uruguay food and wine, and doing good for people that need the basics of food. Lastly, doves in Uruguay are damaging to the valuable crops on the farms and dove hunters make a huge dent in saving the crops that many families as well as the economy of Uruguay rely on for success.

Many like to combine the Uruguay dove hunt with Upland hunting, and you can out of the same lodge in Uruguay. Los Gauchos Outfitters provides the best of both. Perdiz hunting season in Uruguay is May through August. The dove hunting takes place in several dove fields with roosts and the doves do fly all day.

Upland hunting is close by in short grass fields with dogs that are Upland trained - making this an enjoyable hunt for all shooters.

Why is Uruguay so good for dove hunting or does it compare to Argentina dove hunting? Yes, the doves are birds that enjoy setting up their roosts in trees near water and food. So the eastern part of Uruguay with sunflower, sorghum, and soy fields provide a perfect home for endless volumes of doves. Read more about the frequently asked questions about Uruguay duck - dove hunting.

Uruguay dove hunting has been a wingshooting sport popular in Argentina - however, Uruguay is the small country right beside Argentina and LARGE when it comes to dove volumes and hunting opportunities.

We have so many clients who like Uruguay so much, they simply will never return to Argentina. Uruguay dove hunting offers similar shooting opportunities ....Purists will claim that there are more birds flying in the sky in Cordoba, but the bottom line is this: How fast can you reload your gun? One can easily shoot three cases of shells dove hunting in Uruguay, so how much better can it get?

We have Uruguay dove hunting properties that are only 1:45 minutes from Montevideo's Carrasco International Airport--and that is a non-stop from Miami. Los Gauchos offer another luxury lodge that is about 3 hours from MVD and offers high volume dove hunting as well as dorado fishing from October to April OR Perdiz hunting from May to August. So come enjoy the millions of doves but get a taste of what Uruguay has to offer in Upland hunting and fishing.

Compare that to a connection to Cordoba through Santiago, Chile--or with an airport transfer in Buenos Aires. The choice will be very clear. Uruguay is the bird hunter's choice. It's the future of bird hunting in South America.

Los Gauchos has several dove hunting lodges and Uruguay dove hunting is not complete without the asado barbecue lunch, the background of the gauchos, and the doves that fill the sky and keep your shotgun hot from loading and reloading. Dove hunting in Uruguay will be the challenge shooting you like without worrying about where the birds are. The volume is high, and the best way to describe Uruguay dove hunting is to pack your bag and head down to Uruguay.

Now, with the volume of doves in Uruguay - one would wonder what happens to the birds. Los Gauchos makes sure the birds are collected and donated to local farm towns and communities where they provide food for schools and entire towns.

Give us a call today and find out how you can have us make arrangements for your next dove hunting vacation--to Uruguay or Argentina. We specialize in custom itineraries to both countries that will meet your expectations and fall into your budget.

Uruguay dove hunting - a success anyway you look at it. Contact us today to start planning a Uruguay dove hunt. Read more about the Uruguay dove shooting.

Dove Hunting in Uruguay

Uruguay is located in South America, and follows traditional South American culture in many ways, but in many other respects, it might as well be a little European country tucked away in Central Europe…like Luxembourg.  Wing shooting this small country is done in a grand manner, and has a very different flavor than other dove hunting destinations such as: Mexico, Bolivia, or Argentina.  

For example, when one thinks of great South American dove hunting, there is usually only one destination that comes to mind: Cordoba, Argentina. Uruguay has great dove hunting that is on par with Cordoba, but with some big differences, like the ability to break the dove hunting monotony with decoyed pigeon shooting, and Perdiz hunting (when in season).

You have to pace yourself, once you're swinging the gun recklessly instead of methodically, it's time to put the shotgun down and have a cold drink and relax. You never have to worry about the birds running out down here being out of the action for a few minutes is not stressful, it's a welcome reprieve.

If this sounds like fun to you, contact Los Gauchos Outfitters for the dove hunting trip of a lifetime.

These guys are professional, reasonably priced, and will just flat out put you on the birds.

When the day is over, you?ll be ready for a stiff drink and an even stronger massage. I found the massage therapists at the hunting lodges to be an absolute necessity. The way my body felt, it was not a luxury, it was indeed a necessity, the massage that is.

I shot with a 20 gauge, and cannot even imagine hunting doves with a 12 gauge down here. The recoil from a 12gauge would simply be too much. Sure there are a few guys that use them to knock down the really high birds, but they're in a class all their own.

So bring you're A-game, and a lot of Advil, and get ready to have the time of your life. It's certainly the most fun you can have with a shotgun.

The stories you hear? They're all true! Thousand bird days are easily achievable by an average wing shooter, if one is motivated enough.

Are you going to spend a few dollars on shotgun shells? You bet you will!

But Los Gauchos Outfitters accepts credit cards, and it will be the best money you've ever spent while hunting. You'll never get another opportunity to shoot birds like this, unless you come back next year-like I will be.

Shooting skills and stamina aside, I admit that I'm lucky. I'm lucky to be able to come to Argentina and Uruguay every year. Is it because I'm rich - hardly.

But this is one trip that I'm going to budget and save all my pennies for, and come Hell or high water, I'll be here. Life's too short, and this is just too much fun!

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