If You're Spoiling for a Fight, Dorado Fishing in Uruguay will be Right Down your Alley.

Uruguay Dorado Fishing

Golden Dorado Fishing - Los Gauchos

Golden dorado fishing in the Uruguay River is a good as it gets for the international angler. The Uruguay River does not have the murky water found in most of the areas where dorado fishing in Argentina takes place - so the fishing is better, and the Goldens are bigger. Our boats have access to La Zona dorado fishing - the area where all of the largest dorado in the Uruguay River are found, so you can rest assured that when you go dorado fishing in Uruguay with Los Gauchos Outfitters, that you will be fishing only the most productive area of the river. If you are not fishing in La Zona , you are not really fishing.

The area described as "La Zona" is an approximately three square mile area located in front of - and right up to - the hydroelectric dam called the "Salto Grande". The water levels of the river are determined by the opening and closing of the floodgates of the dam.

When water levels are low, the conditions are best for fly fishing. The dorado fishing in Uruguay is the same as on the Argentine side in La Zona. The line of demarcation runs invisibly through the middle of the river and the waters are controlled by the Argentinean Prefectura Naval (coast guard). The "Prefectura" keeps recreational fishermen and poachers out of La Zona, and only authorizes boats that are registered within the concession to fish there. This maintains the quality of the fishing at the highest level. All golden dorado fishing in La Zona is catch and release.

Normally, one will only catch big dorados in the Uruguay River if one is trolling - not so with La Zona dorado fishing. You will be able to catch record-size dorado while spin or fly casting when you fish with Los Gauchos.

The dam of the Salto Grande holds thousands of huge dorado in just a couple of square miles, instead of being spread out throughout the rest of the river. Your success in La Zona is virtually guaranteed - weather permitting.

Are you read to book your dorado fishing trip to La Zona? Maybe a Cast and Blast for dove and dorados, or pigeons and dorados? Again, Los Gauchos offers great pigeon hunting in Uruguay right alongside the river, and no other country in South America offers such a wide variety of hunting and angling opportunities out of the same lodge.

When it comes to Golden dorado fishing in Argentina or Uruguay, no other place can match the results achieved in La Zona. If you are interested in adding dorado fishing in Uruguay to your hunting itinerary, it can easily be combined with any type of hunting trip we offer in Uruguay. The doves and dorados and the Uruguay Ultimate Mixed Bag are the most popular combinations.

Some of the best Dorado fishing in Uruguay coincides with a time of year that is perfect for dove and pigeon hunting in South America. Uruguay fishing is open all year long for Golden Dorado, and so is the hunting season in Uruguay for doves and pigeons. But one of the most frequently asked questions is:

Fish Uruguay - cast your line for a world record..."

In our opinion, the best overall time for amazing dorado fishing in Uruguay and high volume dove shooting is November and December. This is the time of year where the water levels in the Uruguay River are the most cooperative, and the literally millions of dove that inhabit the western portion of Uruguay fly nearly all day long.

The Cast and Blast is one of our most popular hunting and fishing trips in South America. High volume dove hunting in conjunction with a Uruguay fishing trip for freshwater dorado. Anglers and hunters will enjoy relatively short travel times along the western border of Uruguay when transferring from the Uruguay dove hunting lodges to the Rio Negro, a dorado source located right at the Mercedes Lodge. This is the area that is home to the best dorado fishing and dove hunting in South America.

The freshwater dorado fishing here is easy, consistent, and if for any reason the water conditions somehow make it impossible to fish, we have the Uruguay dove shooting to fall back on.

The dove in Uruguay--much like dove hunting in Argentina--are non-migratory, so one can enjoy high volume dove hunting all year long in Uruguay. This non-stop action has made hunting in Uruguay one of our most popular hunting safaris in South America.

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