Uruguay Bird Hunting: Ducks - Doves - Pigeons - Perdiz

Uruguay Bird Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Uruguay duck hunting is not to be minimized. Uruguay is a country full of rice fields and marshes where ducks thrive. Uruguay is the duck hunting is a must-do destination, especially for hunters seeking a variety of duck species such as Brazilian ducks, Rosy-Bill Pochards, or Brown Pintails. Our Uruguay duck hunting portfolio consists of lodges with succesful track records for superb waterfowl hunting.

Uruguay Duck Hunts:
  • Season: May - September
  • Hunting Lodges: Fortin Duck Lodge
  • Add Perdiz Hunting at the Fortin Duck Lodge
  • Guns included in the daily rates

Uruguay Dove Hunting

Uruguay has taken huge strides in order to attract dove hunters from around the globe. Many past Argentina dove hunters have recently commented that every year they see more and more wingshooters trying Uruguay for dove hunting. And they see why the switch from Argentina to Uruguay for dove hunting was made. Los Gauchos Outfitters offers several lodge and options for high volume dove shooting in Uruguay.

Uruguay Dove Hunts:
  • Season: Year Round
  • Lodges: Elena and Mercedes Lodge
  • Upland Hunting: Add to any dove hunt: May - July. Dorado Fishing: add Oct - April
  • Limits: Absolutely NONE!
Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay Perdiz hunting is part of either Uruguay dove hunting OR Uruguay duck hunting. The Upland hunting in Uruguay is limited to a short season - May 1st to July 31st. The bag limit for Perdiz is 10 Perdiz per hunter per day. At the Fortin Lodge you will hunt ducks in the morning and then spend the afternoon with the Upland dogs, guides, and quick Perdiz.

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting:
  • Upland Hunting Season: May 1 - July 31.
  • Perdiz Bag Limit: 10 Perdiz per hunter - per day - per hunter
  • With Upland dogs - great Uruguay hunt
  • Combine with Uruguay Duck Hunting - Fortin Duck Lodge

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting

Pigeon hunting in Uruguay is a challenge and great bird hunt. Shooting pigeons over decoys can be done at 2 lodges in Uruguay. La Tany, the 5 star Uruguay Hunting Lodge, is a pigeon only destination. Los Gauchos La Paz enables clients to shoot pigeons along with Perdiz hunting and dove hunting. The pigeons in Uruguay are large - similar in size to ducks.

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting:
  • Punta del Este Lodge - March & April Pigeon Hunting
  • Los Gauchos Artigas - Uruguay Pigeons - Ducks - Doves
  • Uruguay Pigeon shooting - set up with blinds over decoys
  • Uruguay Pigeons - about the size of a wood duck

Los Gauchos offers more Uruguay bird hunting safaris than any other South American hunting outfitters. Not only are our Uruguay bird hunting trips excellent; they represent the ultimate in wingshooting value for the dollar. All of our Uruguay bird hunting packages include shotguns. Uruguay allows clients to bring their guns into the country - you must register the gun (Los Gauchos will provide the paperwork and assist).

Worry free bookings, excellent guides, tasty beef, and fine wines--are these a few of your favorite things? If so, you will want to book your Uruguay dove hunting or waterfowl hunting trip with us as soon as possible. Availabilty for the prime dates are limited--so be sure to make your reservations early.

Convenience: with new non-stop flights from Miami to Montevideo, it has never been easier to book a Uruguay hunting trip.

You can be in the field hunting the very afternoon that you arrive. The new terminal in Montevideo International airport (Carrasco), is open, and it has made traveling through Uruguay a pleasure.

In fact, it's safe to say that the lines at the airport in Uruguay are probably shorter than in any other airport in South America--ease of travel should be a consideration, and anyone who has ever waited in line to obtain a hunting license or gun permit in Argentina understands this.

Contact Los Gauchos Outfitters today - learn about our Uruguay Cast & Blast Special with unlimited dove hunting and fantastic dorado fishing. This trip allows you to fish and hunt at one of Uruguay's top lodges. Easy arrival from Montevideo OR Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Uruguay bird hunting is easy. Come and find out for yourself why so many wingshooters call Uruguay their home now. The country was just built for wingshooting. Duck hunting is fantastic all season long (May to September) and dove hunting is nothing but high volume dove shooting - all year round.

The abundance of bird hunting is exceptional, and the size of the country makes travel a breeze. So don't pass up an opportunity to book your Uruguay hunting trip this year.

We provide Uruguay duck hunting (Fortin) with ducks all day.A great way to see Uruguay and get the best bird hunting in Uruguay - ducks - ducks and even Perdiz is you want.

For those that want dove hunting and golden dorado fishing - Mercedes Lodge offers a great combo of wingshooting (high volume) and high action dorado fishing - right outside the luxury lodge - Mercedes Lodge. The Uruguay Cast & Blast is a popular hunt and is best from October to April. The fish are biting and the doves fly all day, all year.

Uruguay Bird Hunting

  • Uruguay Duck Hunting

  • Uruguay Dove Hunting

  • Uruguay Pigeon Hunting

  • Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

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