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Uruguay Hunting Trips - FAQs

Uruguay is quickly becoming a favorite South American hunting destination. A safe, small country with lots of options for duck hunting, dove hunting, Upland hunting, and dorado fishing.

Standard Questions about Uruguay:

Uruguay Hunting Truths:

Your time in Uruguay will be more than fine shooting. Luxury hunting lodges and outstanding service while in South America.

— Los Gauchos Uruguay Bird Hunter

Uruguay hunting will intrique, amaze, and be a repeat trip. Affordable Uruguay hunting with Los Gauchos Outfitters - highest quality bird hunting.

Uruguay Hunting FAQs

How Do I Get to Uruguay?

Getting to Uruguay is easy. All clients take an overnight flight to Buenos Aires as listed above, and then have only a ground stop before continuing on to Montevideo. There is no need to change airports, claim bags, clear customs, or pass through immigration in Argentina. Your bags will connect, and you simply proceed to the next gate, just as you would if you were making a domestic connection in the USA.

American Airlines has a direct flight from Miami (MIA) to Montevideo (MVD). It is currently on an every other day schedule but provides time to shoot the afternoon upon arrival into Uruguay. This direct flight (MIA-MVD) departs Miami on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 11:15 PM.

Another popular option for those visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina is to take the short 50 minute boat ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia. The Buquebus reservation can be made by Los Gauchos. This option is great for those dove hunting in Uruguay as all of the Uruguay dove hunting lodges are located near Colonia.

How do you get from the Uruguay Dove Hunting Lodge to the Uruguay Duck Hunting Lodge ?

Los Gauchos provides a van with a host that will be with your group the entire trip. The drive time between the Uruguay Dove Hunting Lodge (Elena) and the Uruguay Duck Hunting Lodge (Fortin) is about 5 hours.

All ground transportation fees are quoted in US Dollars. All ground transportation fees are subject to change without notice (historically ground transportation fees fluctuate with the price of crude oil). Ground transportation fees are quoted for group transfers (more than one passenger) unless otherwise noted.

**If you are a single shooter, a surcharge could be added to your transfer. A single shooter is, by definition, a shooter who arrives at an airport or other agreed point of pickup outside of an intact group. The reason for this arrival may be intentional, or unintentional (missed connection, cancelled flight, etc.). All single passengers, and not Adobe Travel LLC or it's Providers, are responsible for any additional fees or charges incurred as a result of the foregoing circumstances.

Remember, the country of Uruguay is free of traffic and the roads are nice. The scenery and the vast farms are a large part of the Uruguay hunting experience.

When are the Uruguay Hunting Seasons ?

Uruguay Dove Hunting - There is NO set hunting season for doves in Uruguay. Dove hunting can be enjoyed anytime of year in Uruguay.

Duck Hunting - May 1st to September 10th

Pigeon Hunting - La Tany Lodge near Punta del Este - March 1st to April 30th

Perdiz Hunting - Uruguay Perdiz hunting season is May 1st to July 31st.

Do I need a visa to travel to Uruguay ?

No, you do not. Currently you just need a current passport (if you are a US citizen). Your passport must not expire within 6 months of entering or departing Uruguay.

If you are not an American citizen, please check with the appropriate consulate in your country to find out if you will need a visa.

Do I need any special inoculations or shots to travel in Uruguay ?

No inoculations are required for hunting trips to Uruguay. Los Gauchos Outfitters is not qualified to convey medical advice.

We encourage you to consult your family physician and/or the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the most up to date information and recommendations for travel within Uruguay.

Can I book a Uruguay hunting trip as a single shooter ?

Yes. In fact, many bird hunters come down by themselves. There is sometimes a fee for a single shooter -so try and plan with at least one other hunter. We usually have at least 4 hunters in the lodge. If you would like a private group, please have at least 4 to 6 shooters.

Can I bring my own shotgun to Uruguay for hunting ?

Just complete the Los Gauchos Uruguay Gun Form and pay the license fee of $100 USD (payable with check, Mastercard, Visa) before you depart. Our hosts will meet you in the new terminal of Montevideo's International Airport and assist with getting your shotgun registered.

The Uruguay Gun form is located on our PRE-TRIP forms page.

For bird hunting in Uruguay this is a very personal decision. Many of our clients bring their own shotgun every season, and will continue to no matter what. Los Gauchos Outfitters has had seasons with 20% of our total clientele bringing their own shotgun for the waterfowl or wingshooting trips. The remainder decided for various reasons, not to bring their own gun.

We suggest that you look at the following pros and cons very carefully before deciding which choice is right for you: Bringing your gun to Uruguay is an easy process and with the Trip Protection designed for international sportsmen/women taking their own hunting equipment, it is not a problem.

Uruguay uses a formula, calculated as a UR unit, which changes with the fluctuation between the U.S. Dollar and the UY Peso. They have always charged high entry prices. If you wish to bring your firearms to either country the paperwork process on the South American side is actually easier than the U.S. re-entry?"if one chooses to look at it from an investment of a ?time spent standing around? standpoint (see the next FAQ for more info).

Upon arrival in South America, you simply open your case in front of the only two authorities that issue gun permits at the airport, and they stamp and complete your paperwork.

The fee for entering Uruguay with a shotgun is $100 USD per gun. The fee and the paperwork is completed before you depart, making the issue of the Uruguay hunting license an efficient one.

If you are traveling to Uruguay, you will experience very little waiting, and won?t have to leave a ?tip? at the airport to get a gun permit.

Now, if you are planning a Uruguay hunting trip, but spending some time in Buenos Aires before or after your hunt, then we recommend NOT bringing a shotgun. You will have to pay for the gun license in both Argentina and Uruguay. We hope our Los Gauchos Hunting Trips that have guns for rent will make it easy when deciding whether to bring your favorite shotgun to hunt in Argentina or Uruguay.

Our recommendation if you have a favorite shotgun or a gauge (ex. 28 gauge) then book a Uruguay hunting trip. Fly direct into Montevideo, pay once, enjoy shooting and depart without hassles or trouble.

Los Gauchos Outfitters will send you the form or you can complete it online and the license will be ready when you arrive. The form is a "FINAL" sale type transaction, Uruguay officials set their schedules based on your arrival into the Montevideo airport. If it changes or you bring another gun or change anything the fee is still imposed.

So, while it is safe to enter Uruguay with a gun, please complete the paperwork carefully with the correct information about the gun you will have with you upon arrival into Montevideo.

What type of shotguns does Los Gauchos provide for Uruguay hunting ?

All of our premium waterfowl destinations offer use of 12ga Benelli m2 or Beretta 391 semi-autos in Uruguay duck hunting, various Italian over and unders in 20 ga. for dove, pigeon, and perdiz shooting in Western Uruguay, and nothing but Benelli m2 12 ga.

All of our guns are impeccably maintained, and none of them are ever more than a couple of years old. We guarantee that you will not be issued a low quality firearm at Los Gauchos.

What type of shotgun shells are available for Uruguay hunting trips ?

The Uruguay dove hunting lodges have 12, 20 and 28 gauge shotgun shells. Sometimes you can shoot with .410 shotgun shells, but please ask in advance regarding availability of the .410 shells. The dove hunting shells in Uruguay are high quality shells manufactured in Europe.

How can I charge my iPod, iPhone, laptop, or blackberry while in Uruguay ?

Electronics in Uruguay require 220 volts so pack an electricity converter. You can find these at any drugstore or large store such as RadioShack, Target or Walmart. A European adapter will be needed for two-pronged plugs.

Are shotgun plugs used in Uruguay ?

No. Leave your plugs at home. The bird hunting in Uruguay is consistent, fast and furious - so enjoy hunting as it used to be. But, do not forget to put those plugs back in when you hunt in North America opening day.

Do you need a hunting license for bird hunting in Uruguay ?

Yes. Please complete the form for the Uruguay hunting license. You will pay for your license before you depart.

The license fee will be included on the final invoice. The license fee is per hunter - so if you hunt one day or 6 days - the fee is based on the birds and your point of arrival.

Los Gauchos requires a complete Customer Data Form that will be used to process your Uruguay Hunting License.

The Hunting License is processed BEFORE you arrive - so we apologize but you cannot make changes to your bird hunting trip once you arrive in Uruguay. For example - if you "think" you want to shoot Perdiz - go ahead and sign up for a day. That way we can process the Upland hunting license along with your dove or duck hunting license.

Do I need waders for Uruguay duck hunting ?

No - not for Uruguay duck hunting. Light weight or fly-fishing waders are great to have, but not necessary in the duck hunting blinds. Hip boots are always safe as the terrain can be and usually is wet.

What forms of payment does Los Gauchos accept for Uruguay hunting trips?

Checks and Mastercard/Visa for the hunting trips. Shotgun shells are paid in Uruguay on the last day of your trip. We accept cash - checks - credit cards. Please review the statement and notices for any lodge that only accepts cash. There is a fee to process a US check in Uruguay.

Who meets us at the airport in Montevideo ?

In Uruguay, you will be met by our staff either in the baggage claim area (if you have guns) or outside the baggage claim area.

You will transfer directly from the Montevideo airport to the estancia or Uruguay hunting lodge. The estancia Elena is 2.5 hours from the airport, and the Uruguay Duck Hunting Club (Rio Branco Lodge) is 4.5 hours. The Fortin Lodge (Uruguay duck hunting) is about 3.5 hours from the Montevideo airport.

Thus, there is no time for shopping or city tours in Montevideo, unless you plan to arrive the day before, we recommend discussing a day/night to sight-see in Montevideo for guests wanting to visit the capital city of Uruguay - Montevideo. Now, made famous with their World Cup soccer team.

If your flight does not depart until late on the last day - the host will usually ask if you would like to see the main sights of Montevideo. While there is no extra charge - a tip for this special service is always appreciated.

Montevideo has many excellent seafood restaurants, mom and pop stores selling anything and everything, and many casinos. Read and learn more about Montevideo and Uruguay travel here.

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