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Travel Tips for Uruguay Hunting Trips

Some general information about Uruguay

Los Gauchos Outfitters provides some of the best bird hunting trips including Uruguay wingshooting and Uruguay watefowl hunting packages. Los Gauchos is also a provider of some of the best dorado fishing trips Uruguay has to offer. Many of our clients flying into Montevideo ask about touring or spending the night and seeing the city of Montevideo or what towns or highlights to visit while in Uruguay. Los Gauchos is a dedicated travel resource for Uruguay, so read on and please don't hesistate contacting us with questions about your Uruguay travel plans.

For a great introduction to Uruguay and why it stands as a Los Gauchos favorite hunting - fishing destination see this short video about this outstanding South American country.

A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one - Aristotle

Aristotle may have been talking about Montevideo. This city is the largest city in Uruguay and home to just over 1 million Uruguayans. Montevideo is the ONLY city in Uruguay with over 1 million, a big reason for the excellent bird hunting opportunities in Uruguay. Montevideo provides the highest quality of life in South America and while it is the main financial center and port for Uruguay, it does offer some touring sights and the culture of Uruguay is certainly one to treasure and experience.

What is the arrival airport in Uruguay?

Montevideo, Uruguay is the arrival city for most Uruguay hunting trips with Los Gauchos Outfitters. Currently American Airlines is the only carrier that has a direct flight from Miami to Montevideo that departs Miami at 11 PM in the evening on Fridays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. This American Airline flight arrives into MVD - the Montevideo Airport - at 9 AM the next morning.

For all other arrival days, the flights from the US will first land in Buenos Aires (EZE) and then either American Airlines or a local carrier will fly into Montevideo for an arrival time of about 12 PM.

For those doing some wingshooting in Uruguay, the best way to arrive is via the luxury yacht or hydrofoil boat that departs several times a day from Buenos Aires and arrives at the Colonia, Uruguay port; this trip takes less than an hour and the prices are about $100 USD roundtrip. This is a great way to travel between Argentina and Uruguay. Contact our office for more information about getting to Uruguay.

New to the Uruguay flight options are routes to/from Salto, Uruguay on the BuqueBus Airline. A new service that is perfect for those planning a Uruguay fishing trip. Salto is located about 6.5 hours by car from Montevideo and the new flights from MVD (Montevideo's International Airport) to Salto take only about an hour. Los Gauchos is excited to offer this form of travel and for most Cast and Blast trips this flight is INCLUDED in the package.

What documents will I need to enter Uruguay?

Currently US citizens only need a valid US passport for entry into Uruguay. Your passport must not expire within 6 months of your arrival/departure from Uruguay. Please check out the passport and visa assistance company for updating your passport or getting a new passport.

Unlike Argentina, there is no visa fee for entry into Uruguay with citizens holding a USA passport. Those travelers that do fly into Buenos Aires before heading to Uruguay will need to add in the "tourist visa" fee that Argentina charges U.S. citizens when they arrive at the international airport in Buenos Aires (airport code - EZE). The fee is about $142; however subject to change so contact the Los Gauchos Outfitters office for current fees.
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Which hotels or areas of Montevideo or Uruguay do you recommend?

Montevideo is home to great steak and seafood restaurants and a class of people that will go out of their way to make you feel welcome in Uruguay.

Los Gauchos recommends the Cala di Volpe hotel located on the "rambla", the main avenue close to the beaches in Montevideo. There are several good restaurants and casinos and shopping as well as good walking and taking in the South American culture.

For a luxury Uruguay trip - make sure you take a look at the Four Seasons Resort in Carmelo, Uruguay. Located near Colonia and with direct boat access from Buenos Aires, Camelo is home to wonderful resorts, small town classic Uruguay culture, and golf, wine vineyards, and dove hunting.

In fact the fields located near Carmelo will outnumber the dove volume in Cordoba - Argentina, hands down.

Take a look at the Uruguay hotel resource guide at some of the wonderful resorts including golf, spa services, pool, beaches and the chance to shoot doves anytime of year.

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What cities besides Montevideo should one visit while in Uruguay?

While Montevideo is the arrival city and location of the international airport, there are several must see sites close to Montevideo.

Punta del Este is one of the world's most famous beach resorts. Once the elite summer resort area for Argentineans, Punta del Este has become a world famous and the most frequently visited resort in Uruguay. The beach is the main attraction; however, excellent restaurants with fresh seafood and the extraorinary cusine of South America can be enjoyed in Punta del Este's various restaurants.

The main street or Gorlero Avenue is ten blocks of stores, boutiques, bookshops, and restaurants. One block south is 20th Street (calle 20), also called El Remanso, is home to snazzy shop windows and exclusive retailers. Pubs and bars are located in the La Barra zone, the music can be loud so if you prefer to relax with great music and breathing in the briny sea air, then head over to the port promenade.

Los Gauchos Uruguay Scenes

What is there to do or see while in Colonia while dove hunting in Uruguay?

Colonia is the port city closest to Buenos Aires, Argentina. A pedistrian friendly town that has a history of immigrants from different parts of Europe, which is still strong today. The European feature is seen throughout Colonia and makes Colonia a wonderful place to visit while in Uruguay.

Colonia was declared a World History Heritage site in 1995 by UNESCO, and the Portuguese and Spanish architechtural styles are pravelent in the historical centre of Colonia.

Colonia is the place to relax and enjoy roaming the cobble streets and enjoying the locals shops and cafes of the Plaza Mayor. One can also take a motorboat ride up to Carmelo, home of the Four Seasons Uruguay, or El Tigre, near the presidential ranch of San Juan de Anchorena where the political figures of South America meet and deer roam freely.

uruguay sites
Uruguay Site on the streets of Colonia or Montevideo

What is the currency in Uruguay?

Uruguay uses the Uruguay Peso that is based on the value of the US dollar. It does flucuate daily; however, many signs and cambios will have signs showing the current exchange rate. One US dollar can equal 20 Uruguay pesos to 25 Uruguay pesos. Check with an online source such as for the current rate.

Most restaurants and retail stores accept all major credit cards. Many places in Uruguay will also accept US cash. However, there are ATMs located in Montevideo and Colonia and Punta del Este that can exchange and give you Uruguay pesos.

montevideo uruguay cafe
A cafe in Montevideo

What language is spoken in Uruguay?

Spanish is the official language of Uruguay. Most restaurants in Montevideo, Punta del Este, and Colonia will offer English menus. You will be surprised at the number of Uruguayans that know English and are happy to practice speaking with you in English.

Due to Uruguay bordering Brazil, you will hear Portuguese or a mix of Portuguese and Spanish that is known as Brazilero.
The common greeting in Uruguay is "hola, que tal?" for greeting a friend. The more formal greeting is: "hola, como esta Ud?". Men and women greet one another by a kiss on the right cheek.

What About Tipping at Restaurants if I Tour or Stay in Montevideo or Punta del Este?

Tipping is an act that Americans hold the record for. Nobody tips better than Americans - North Americans. Los Gauchos would like to give you a general guideline on the norm for tipping in South America.

One thing to remember is that meals are not "15 minutes or less". Most restaurants employ waiters who will not ask if you would like the check - this is considered rude in South America. So please respect the culture of enjoying a meal, wine, and family and friends around a dining table - whether it is at a restaurant or cafe or an Estancia or Lodge.

The standard tipping policy is 10% for restaurants and bars that serve food. Many restaurants in Uruguay will automatically place the service charge on the bill, so pay attention!

Uruguay, or the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, is a small nation; however a large source of wingshooting and waterfowl hunting trips as well as dorado fishing trips. The long coastline on the River Plate and Atlantic Ocean makes Uruguay a famous resort and highly visited country. Uruguay has a mild climate and the ease of traveling throughout the country makes Uruguay a wonderful country to visit while taking in the bird hunting in Uruguay. Contact Los Gauchos Outfitters for recommendations or assistance while traveling to Uruguay.

Have more questions about Uruguay?

Watch this short video that tells it all - Uruguay - enough said.

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