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Ultimate Mixed Bag Hunting in Uruguay

The secret is out. Wingshooting in Uruguay has come of age. Once a province of Argentina, the country of Uruguay is just a twenty-five minute flight across the river from the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. You will not need to change airports, just make a simple gate-to-gate connection in the Buenos Aires International airport (EZE) if you fly American Airlines. Or you can now fly direct into Montevideo from Miami.

This is the Ultimate Uruguay Mixed Bag including - Ducks, Doves, Pigeons, and Perdiz as well as Dorado Fishing.

The Uruguay Mixed Bag includes duck hunting, Perdiz, pigeons and dove hunting all within the same bird hunting trip.

Sample Schedules for Uruguay Mixed Bag:

  1. Uruguay Mixed Bag - Ducks - Pigeons - Perdiz - Doves

  2. Ultimate Mixed Bag - Dorado Fishing - Ducks - Pigeons - Perdiz

With Perdiz season limited to a set season - May 1st to July 31st, there is a limited time frame for taking the Ultimate Mixed Bag. But, what better way to escape the heat of North America and get to Uruguay where winter is in season and the hunting is in full swing.

Uruguay - Why is the bird hunting so good?

Uruguay is roughly the size of the state of Washington, and there one will find almost no difference in the food, culture, and social customs that exist next door in Argentina. Far and away, Uruguay is the safest, most politically stable, and just plain friendly country in all of South America—here one will experience wingshooting in its purest form.

One of our guests just recently made this simple, but powerful observation: “I can’t remember the last hunt I was on where I did not hear noise pollution from one of the following sources: aircraft, automobiles, tractors, chainsaws, cell phones, oilfield equipment, or barking dogs! The only time I ever saw another hunter that was outside of my group was in the airport. In rural Uruguay the “hand of man” goes unnoticed. I think it just might be the quietest and most peaceful place I have ever been”.

The shooting program: Uruguay duck hunting in the morning, followed by PM Upland bird hunting and pigeons. An addition of the high volume doves can be added. Includes a short stay and high volume shooting at Estancia Mercedes located just 2 hours from Artigas.

The day begins with duck hunting out of natural blinds located about 15 minutes from the hotel lodging. A duck hunt that will not compare to our Fortin or Rio Branco Lodge, but a good duck hunt that allow the bird hunter to enjoy the various species of ducks in Uruguay. Shoot and see more ducks than you see back home, and a day that includes more bird hunting fun.

The day contains with an outing of spotted Tinamou hunting (locally called Perdiz) over well-trained English Setters, and pointers. This region of Uruguay boast the best Perdiz hunting in the world—bar none.

With a diet consisting mainly of seeds and grain shoots, the Perdiz are considered to one of the tastiest of the white meat game birds.

At first, you might think you were quail hunting in South America, but the Perdiz are not covey birds. However, they are so abundant that you will find the dog on point almost every five minutes, locating singles and pairs.

When the Perdiz flush, they never fail to surprise hunters by springing up often within inches of the hunter’s feet. These sporty gamers punch out low and hard, so if we were going to give you any upland bird hunting tips, it would be to practice up on your trap shooting before you arrive, and be patient after the flush. Most shooters miss because they shoot so quickly that their pattern has not had a chance to expand, resulting in a miss.

If walk up shooting for upland birds over pointing dogs is your game, hunting behind our dogs will be a delight. The upland bird hunting dogs in Uruguay are exceptional—far better than any available in Argentina. In the last fifteen years, many professional dog breeders and trainers have moved to Uruguay from Europe train their animals here. These Uruguayan bird dogs are sold all over the world—and bring top dollar.

Each afternoon we alternate between perdiz hunting, and pigeon hunting over decoys. The day is a full day with duck hunting, pigeon shooting and Perdiz hunting. One of the best opportunities to take it all in while bird hunting in Uruguay.

Pigeon hunting in Europe has long been a popular British tradition. Wood pigeon hunting over there can be a high volume affair of unbelievable proportions, so the stories go. If that sounds good, you should certainly try our decoyed shooting for Picazuro and spot winged pigeons. This special hunt is something one should do at least once in a lifetime. It is like duck hunting, but on land. You will shoot from field blinds, and fire away as these birds continuously pitch in to the decoys; it is truly a sight to behold. Pigeons are fast-flying, acrobatic birds, and it takes a lot of pellets to bring them down making them the favorite quarry of well traveled international wingshooters.

Uruguay Ultimate Mixed Bag

The Accommodations

Located in the rolling hills of north central Uruguay, the beautiful hotel setting is vast with several room options while staying in Artigas. Now standing like a small fortress on the open prairies, the strength of the stone, and the softness of the immense thatch roof supported by hand-hewn wooden beams make the lodge feel regal, and just walking through the door, you immediately feel at home here. Estancia Arapey is a perfect setting for the Uruguay bird hunting package.

Fine cuisine is prepared daily by a gourmet chef, and served by our gracious hostesses and waitresses. Meals consist of local Uruguayan fare, and appetizers of fresh cheeses and sausages, as well as samplings of wild game that you actually harvest, at every meal. Lunches typically consist of superb local beef, along with free-ranging pork and poultry served in the form of Milanesas (these filets are breaded like a Veal Parmesan)—served with huge salads, plus loaves of fresh bread.

Beef is served at dinner as well in the form of filet mignon, in addition to cannelloni, wood fired Sicilian style pizzas, and brochettes of Perdiz too. Very fresh seafood caught just the night before in a nearby port is also part of our fare. Rich desserts,imported German beers , local beers, and fine wines from Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay complement all meals at Arapey.

Among Uruguay hunting accommodations, this Uruguay hotel really stands alone at the top with respect to comfort and refinement. Here is a short list of some of the features:

  • Double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.

  • Guests accommodated in cabanas to share with up to 4 people.

  • Swimming pool - indoor - outdoor - heated by thermal springs

  • Telephone and internet

  • Direct TV

  • Gourmet food and traditional barbecues

  • Free maid service

  • Spa and jacuzzi on site

  • Free gun rental for 12 and 20 gauges: available. in over and unders and semi automatics

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Uruguay Mixed Bag - Duck - Pigeon - Perdiz Hunting

Uruguay Hunting Trip Details

The trip is a minimum of a seven day proposition (this includes the day you leave home, and the day you return) depending how long one wishes to hunt (4.0 days is the standard hunt, 3.0 days minimum) and on whether or not one wishes to spend some time in Buenos Aires, or the luxurious resort city of Punta del Este, before the hunting begins.

Therefore, expect to leave the USA on a Friday or a Saturday, and take a non-stop (overnight) flight from (MIA) Miami to Montevideo (MVD), Many clients choose to sightsee in Buenos Aires and spend a day and night there before their trip to Uruguay. While not at all obligatory, Los Gauchos can assist with the trip details such as reservations at a luxurious hotels—where one can take in all the sights, and enjoy the great steakhouses, Tango shows, local shops, and superb nightlife— and English speaking hosts to assist with outstanding tours and assistance while in Buenos Aires.

The mixed bag Uruguay bird hunt - dorado fishing arrives in Montevideo on the early morning flight. American Airlines has a direct flight out of Miami that arrives into Montevideo at 9 AM.

From here you will meet the host and have time to rest/relax before the short flight from Montevideo to Salto. Then the fishing begins.

The flight service between Montevideo and Salto is new and offers the Uruguay dorado fishing clients a great way to make their fishing trip efficient without the long drive to Salto.

The program calls for all guests to arrive in Artigas in the afternoon, then go out for a late afternoon Perdiz or pigeon hunt. The following mornings will be duck hunts, and the afternoons include Perdiz and pigeons.

From Artigas, guests will transfer to Estancia Mercedes for a full on dove hunt. High volume doves and some Perdiz too. On the last day of the hunt, shooters will have a ½ day hunt followed by an evening flight back to the USA—with a short stopover in Buenos Aires on the way home if not booked on direct flight from Montevideo to Miami.

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