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Uruguay Dove Shooting
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From January until September shooters can travel to western Uruguay and experience superb dove shooting in the hundreds of thousands of acres of grain fields that make up that part of the country's landscape.

Expect to shoot a case of shells a day, per hunter, on our no-limit eared dove hunts. You will also harvest both spot-winged and Picazuro pigeons during these outings. In the afternoon shooters can choose to return to the dove fields for roost shooting, or enjoy superb walk-up hunting for Perdiz behind pointers that has no equal anywhere in the world. Don't be surprised if you reach your limit of ten within thirty minutes!

Delicious Uruguayan cuisine and fine wines are served at every meal, and the estancia Elena or Hotel Suizo is a solid four star property with plenty of room for groups up to eight.

Hunting in this secluded part of the Uruguay is like having your own private hunting domain... You will never hear nary a shot from other hunters.

Come find out why Uruguay has been a secret wing shooting destination known only to an esoteric few wildfowlers for many years.

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Uruguay Dove Hunting
The best way to describe the Uruguay dove hunting and the trips that offer volume dove hunting is with comments by the clients. Los Gauchos hosts clients year round for dove hunting in Uruguay and the shooting does not change. Now for some, they plan their wingshooting trips for twice a year - once you experience the doves in Uruguay, you will soon forget or not even think about dove hunting in North America again. The dove hunting season is year round for Uruguay (and Argentina) and the travel and costs are kept low. Really if you do the math and figure the costs out - Uruguay dove shooting is a sport that is well affordable if not cheap in Uruguay and South America.

How? Well, Los Gauchos Outfitter starts the Uruguay dove hunting packages at $399 a day and this includes your lodging (in a nice lodge!), your meals (excellent food and lots of it!), your beverages (bottled water, soft drinks and yes, the well deserved glass of Uruguay wine that is not found in the US and is local and famous in Uruguay). Your shotgun (20 gauge) high quality shotguns for the Uruguay dove shooting you will be doing requires the best shotgun out there. So, Los Gauchos provides them at no extra charge.   

When you or your wingshooting group start talking about your dove hunting trips - think about the dove shooting in Uruguay. Affordable trip packages and priceless dove hunting in the South American country of Uruguay. Los Gauchos is proud to put Uruguay on the map for top dove shooting locations and we continue to bring the professionals and tv shows that like to find the secret dove hunting destination.

Los Gauchos also offers Uruguay dove hunting in combination with dorado fishing, Perdiz hunting, pigeon hunting and duck hunting. That is right we brought it back better than ever. The ultimate in doves with the added benefit of ducks, dorado, pigeons, and Perdiz hunting. Contact Los Gauchos to find out about this new grand slam Uruguay hunt.

Check out the Los Gauchos Outfitters YOUTUBE channel or our site that showcases the various videos they have made dove hunting in Uruguay.

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Uruguay Dove Shooting Tips

Practice ! Yes, the volume is high and the shooting is all day. But the variations of flight and the way doves in Uruguay move will create a challenge. The thing to do is find a local gun club and just ask the instructor or one of the members. More than likely someone has been to Uruguay and they know the dove shooting behaviors and tips to help with your shooting.

Plan! Make sure you plan for some tired shoulders and hands when dove shooting in Uruguay. Uruguay does not have a local Walgreens down the street, remember you are in the prime ranch land and you are surrounded by dove roosts and farmland in Uruguay. So pack some band aids, anti-bacterial lotion

Prepare ! See the paragraph above about preparation Prepare your wingshooting skills and prepare for some high volume dove shooting in Uruguay. But prepare to have fun! Remember, it is not about the number of doves, but the experience and time you will have experiencing the dove hunting in Uruguay.

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What People think about Uruguay Dove Shooting:

A reference from a recent dove shooter in Uruguay -

Uruguay dove hunting makes Argentina look like practice"

Final Words from Los Gauchos about Uruguay Dove Shooting...

Dove hunting in Uruguay is available year round and Los Gauchos recommends a two to three day trip shooting doves. The trip is an overnight flight to Montevideo or Buenos Aires (with quick boat ride to Colonia). The days fly by just like the high volume of doves that will continue to fly by each day. So enjoy Uruguay and enjoy the dove hunting that Uruguay and Los Gauchos provides.

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