Read What Los Gauchos Clients Have to Say about Hunting in Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru:

Testimonials - Bird Hunting Trips

Duck Hunting
Uruguay - Argentina - Peru

"These guys are great duck hunting guides! Uruguay duck hunting is some of the best duck hunting I have ever seen."

Bird Hunting
South America

I found Los Gauchos Outfitters in a list of the best Texas
outfitters, only to find out that they are only based out of
Texas, but deliver great duck hunts in Argentina. Even though I
was originally looking for dove hunting in Texas, when I saw
their information on duck hunting, I was sold on this duck
hunting trip —and they did not disappoint.

Jason M
Alexandria, LA

Every year I combine Argenitna dove hunts with a duck hunting combo. I have duck hunting leases in three states, but I always have better duck hunting in Uraguay than anywhere back home. Next year I am going to try duck hunting in Argenita with Los Gauchos.”

Cordoba Doves
Argentina Wing Shooting

There are now over 6,000 hunters that make the trip for Argentina dove hunting every year, and most hunters shoot over 1,500 birds on a three day trip. I thought the population would have decreased since my first trip in 1987, but I shot more birds last November than ever before. The dove volume is Cordoba is amazing!"

Hunting in Uruguay is spectacular. It reminds me of the old days growing up on the prairie."

— R Pelka, Omaha, NE

Great duck hunts are standard in Uruguay. A soft afternoon would be more than a few North American limits, and the mornings-forget about it!"

— J.R. Baton Rouge, LA

Dove hunting in Argentina was a great vacation for the whole family. The high volume Argentina dove hunting never let up in the action. The birds flew all day. This is a regular Spring Break trip now."

— Gerald J., Arkansas

"Los Gauchos is tops for Argentina bird hunting!"

— Mr. H.N., Norfolk, VA

Urugauy duck hunting is a fantastic way for an obsessed duck hunter to get two seasons per year. At my age, there is no certainty for a next season any more, so I don't put it off anymore; I hunt every chance I get."

— Wilson D., New Jersey

Shooting doves in Cordoba is the most fun you can have with shotgun. We even knocked down a few Picazuro pigeons on the hunt."

— Nelson I., Michigan

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