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“For Benelli's American Safari television show we went to Argentina in May 2004 to hunt waterfowl, doves, and upland birds. We demonstrated the capability of our new Super Black Eagle II and M2 Field with Benelli's newest innovation, the ComforTech® system.

What better place to put this recoil reduction system to the test than Argentina— a country well known for some of the finest high-volume wingshooting in the world. Los Gauchos Outfitters provided an incredible goose hunt. I could not get over how close the birds decoyed, despite two large video cameras in the blind! We also had a fast-action duck hunt for both decoying puddle ducks, and passing teal.
uruguay duck hunting
The only time my attention was diverted from the many flying birds was to watch the constant retrieves of their two black labs, Fred and Lefty. We shot case after case of shells, and never felt any significant recoil -- the new Benellis performed well, and so did Los Gauchos.

los gauchos preferred shotgun - the benellliberetta hunting gear - los gauchos outfitters

We also had an opportunity to hunt upland Perdiz with our 20- gauge Franchi over and under in the afternoon. We hunted over a splendid English setter that effortlessly pointed our Perdiz until dusk. It was the finest Perdiz hunting I have ever experienced.
argentina bird hunting
“Los Gauchos Outfitters has a wonderful new lodge with a polite and courteous staff. The food was excellent and so are the memories.”

Stephen McKelvain, Vice President of Marketing, Benelli USA Corp

Los Gauchos has the finest bird dogs that I have ever seen in Argentina. The goose shooting is also outstanding.
Stuart Williams, Editor at large, Double Gun Journal

Los Gauchos outfitters provided an outstanding wing shooting experience. I was able to shoot five different duck species in one hunt, and enjoy wonderful hospitality that will forever bring back fond memories.
Richard Howard, Director of Licensing, Mossy Oak Brand Camo
peru bird hunting los gauchos outfitters
Los Gauchos stands behind our Bird Hunting Trips - Why Los Gauchos ?
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I had four days of great high volume wing shooting which included multiple species of Ducks, Geese and Pigeons. The food was some of the best I have ever had at any hunting lodge, and the accommodations and staff were all top notch. I can't wait to go back!!!
Ron Latschaw, Founder, Final Approach— makers of the famous Eliminator Blind, X-Lander blind, and the Air Controller
argentina duck hunting From duck hunting in Argentina to the duck hunting in Uruguay, Los Gauchos provides the hunting trip. Dove hunting - pigeon hunting - and the ever popluar Upland hunting is a strong part of the Los Gauchos daily mission. The references and clients that return and send their comments keep Los Gauchos as the best outfitter.

Los Gauchos wants to make YOU our next reference - so give Peru - Argentina - or Uruguay a try. And contact us to make it real.
The lodge itself was incredible. The staff could not have been more accommodating, or made us feel more at home. Los Gauchos Outfitters has succeeded in combining luxury and great waterfowl hunting together—two things that are often mutually exclusive in our past experiences. Their prices are reasonable, and worth every penny. We have already put down a deposit for 2005.”
Marcus Kieth, Owner, Cutt Down Game Calls

Hunting Professionals who have a thing or two to say about Los Gauchos Outfitters and Hunting in South America

Filming waterfowl across North America is what we do, but to experience Argentina is something special. If you’ve ever dreamed of hunting waterfowl like the way it used to be, then Los Gauchos can provide an experience that is truly the stuff dreams are made of.... The abundance of game in both numbers and variety of species alone was incredible! I will return.
Freddy King, Videographer

Los Gauchos has several hundred other references, the clients we host each and every season for duck hunting, dove hunting, pigeon hunting, and Perdiz hunting. Our dorado fishing clients say it best with pictures. See the reference(s) of Golden Dorado Fishing with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

We had a day of world-class Perdiz shooting on a private estancia at Los Gauchos. The English setter relocated one running bird 6 times in as nice a display of bird work as I've ever seen. Other birds held like ticks for the dog. Goose hunting was superb and the scenery awesome. Ducks were plentiful and the variety amazing. As for the food, wine, lodging and staff; first rate.

Clair Kofoed, Editor at Large, Shooting Sportsman Magazine

As an agent, I've dealt with George, Andres, and the staff at Los Gauchos since the day they opened their doors. They are professional in every respect, from the time they accept a booking until the follow up after the trip. They do what they say they are going to do, which is exactly what I'm looking for in an outfitter.
Doug Larsen - Sporting Agent and Author, Don’t Shoot the Decoys - The Duck Gods Must be Crazy

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