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Pigeon Hunting Tip #1

Remain still and don't shoot too late.

Staying still is a no-brainer, but one of the more common errors committed by shooters who are new to Argentina pigeon hunting over decoys wait until the birds are within only a few feet of the decoys to shoot.

This is not the best technique since your shot string does not have a chance to mature and produce the best possible kill zone.

Hunting Pigeons - Tip #3

Another common myth is that one needs to use a 12 ga. shotgun to bring down a pigeon. This is not true..

Pigeons are tough compared to doves, but they are nothing like ducks and geese. A 20 ga helps you get on target faster and swing more effortlessly--this is important when pigeon hunting in Argentina because this is high volume shooting. A 12 ga will pound your shoulder and become heavier and heavier with each shot at the many pigeons that you will encounter on these shoots.

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Pigeon Hunting Tip #2

When planning for a Uruguay pigeon hunting trip, practice shooting an incoming high house at a low angle using an improved cylinder choke.

Practice is always good when bird hunting in South America. Pigeons are a unique bird hunt, so get some tips from pros.

Pigeon Shooting Tip #4

The pigeon shot takes some practice but instinct is usually the best. For the best pigeon shoot, wait for the bird to come into the decoy pattern, mount your shotgun and swing through the bird in the same movement then squeeze the trigger. Don't move until you are going to shoot or you will scare the pigeons away before they come into range.

Tips for Pigeon Hunting

Here are some pigeon hunting tips from Los Gauchos that will assist you in making the most of your next Argentina pigeon hunting trip, or Uruguay pigeon hunting trip:

Concealment and camouflage are very important when pigeon hunting in Argentina. When the shooting takes place up close, such as over decoys, it is imperative that all shooters, bird boys, and equipment are well-hidden in a natural blind--or a synthetic makeshift blind of some sort.

Ghille blankets and other camo tarps make god cover for a lean-to blind that can be constructed with just a few steel rods. However, natural blinds always work best, since the pigeons' keen eyes are very adept at picking out anything out of the ordinary, which is not such a bad thing due to the fact that it adds to the excitement and challenge of Argentina pigeon hunting.

Some of our other resources will also include a list of what to bring on your hunt, the best times of the year to go pigeon hunting in Argentina, and elsewhere in South America.

South America Pigeon Hunting

Keep in mind that the seasons are reversed, so summer in North America is winter in South America. There is no season and no limit on Uruguay pigeon hunting, or pigeon hunting in Argentina--however, most outfitters place shell box limits, or a limit on the number of birds that can be taken in one day, due to the fact that pigeons do not hatch five times per year like the Golden Eared Dove, so they are less sustainable to continued high volume shooting in one area.

Argentina pigeon hunting can be combined with an Argentina dove hunting trip, as well as many other wingshooting and fishing adventures throughout the Southern Cone of South America. Give pigeon hunting in Argentina a try! You just might find, like many others, that this is some of the most challenging shooting found anywhere in the "wingshooting world".

It offers the volume of dove hunt, but has the feel of a duck hunt. Call the office at 214-295-5281 for more information about Uruguay pigeon hunting and Argentina pigeon hunting.

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