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Peru Goose Hunting

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Goose hunting in Peru is a true wetlands high Andes hunt. The volume is not like some waterfowl hunters have experienced in Argentina, but Peru does provide the long-necked waterfowl and a memorable goose hunt, no matter what the volume is.

The goose hunting in Peru takes place 15,500 feet above sea level, in the Andes mountains. This is a priceless scene with the intermountain lake views and Peru background.

What type of geese are found in Peru? A common question we get - the Peru waterfowl are commonly known as Andean geese or Washwua.

The Los Gauchos Peru hunting trips include the goose hunting in combination with duck hunting and quail hunting. The quail hunting is about 8,000 above sea level - giving the waterfowl hunters a chance to get used to the high altitude.

Climbing higher (of course we provide vehicles - see information about Macchu Picchu if hiking the Andes is your choice of activity) for the goose hunting will take you up to 15,500 feet above sea level.

Here you will experience not only the long-necked waterfowl but scenic Peru views that make this one of the best hunting experiences.

Los Gauchos is the only professional goose outfitter operating in Peru at the time of this writing?so give us a call and get yourself in the game today!

Peru still posseses the ancient Inca heritage and culture. Peru goose hunting is going to satisfy your waterfowl hunting, and provide you with a trophy hunting trip. The vareity of waterfowl are generous, and distinct?doves, ducks, Andean geese, quail and big-game -easy to describe Peru as an unbelivable country to visit.

Why Hunt in Peru ?

Andean geese & several duck species that are very limited elsewhere are part of the Los Gauchos Peru Bird Hunt and the main reason clients choose Peru for bird hunting.

Peru goose hunting takes place in grassy valleys & ponds scattered throughout the Andes Mountains.

Hunting in Peru you will see Inca herdsman, dressed in their colorful native ponchos, tending flocks of Alpaca sheep. Their use of native rock in consturction and house building is exquisite. Hunting in Peru is truly a "World Class" experience. The views are breath taking and when you shoot an Andean goose - you can pack it up for your favorite taxidermist back home - Peru allows for birds to be taken out of the country for taxidermy reasons.

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