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Peru Duck Hunting

Peru Duck Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Peru duck hunting. It's new and on full throttle here at Los Gauchos! One of our slogans here at LG is, "Get In The Game!", and when you are ready to get in the "Duck Shooting Game", it's time to give us a call and talk waterfowl.

Our new program for duck hunting in Peru is going to exceed expectations, and we are looking forward to it becoming one of our more popular shoots. Soon to follow the duck and dove program will be a pheasant shooting season.

Right now we are incubating eggs and the pheasants that we have released in the foothills of our mountain properties are doing great! In just a couple of years, we are expecting this program to develop as well.

If you are a fan of duck hunting trips to South America, you have probably wondered what other countries on the continent offer good shooting - we did.

As we were half way to Argentina, we could not help but look down over Peru and wonder why there were not millions of ducks in those rice fields.

Wouldn't it be nice to just drop the landing gear and shorten the flight from Dallas to Buenos Aires literally in half and try some Peru duck hunting? Ten years after opening our doors in Argentina, we did just that.

In addition, we knew it would take more than ducks to start a full fledged wingshooting operation in Peru. Even if the duck hunting in Peru was good, our customer would undoubtedly ask for more.

We asked them what they would most like to see, and they said,

How about a pheasant shooting season?" My partner and I looked at each other and said, "Sure, why not!"

So far the pheasant eggs have done well, and in a few years these birds will become quite wild by staying alive in the Andes. We will constantly keep you updated on the progress of this new shooting program, so that when you are ready to get in the "duck hunting game" you will also be thinking upland birds - specifically pheasants.

Peru Duck Club

N amed after our famous Uruguay Duck Hunting Club, we think Peru has an excellent chance of becoming our next big duck shooting trip in South America. It has all of the resources, and low cost access to a duck hunting habitat that is larger than the entire country of Uruguay.

Come and give our Peru hunting excursions a try, you will be very satisfied with every aspect of this trip. Furthermore, Peru duck hunting is a far cry from a commercial operation.

Although your guides and hosts are highly experienced, the personal service on this trip is amazing. We only host private groups, and a maximum of six hunters at a time, keeping the level of service high. All you need to do to go on Peru hunting trip with Los Gauchos Outfitters is:

  • Call our office for information. (214) 295-5281 or send us an email:

  • Confirm your reservations based on the part of the Peru hunting seasons that are open for the quarry you desire to hunt.

  • Reserve your dates with a deposit.

That's all it takes to get yourself on your way to writing your own story in the South American bird hunting history books. Hunt Peru!

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