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Peru Dove Hunting

Dove Hunting Peru - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Peru Dove Hunting: after years of hosting North American hunters on South American hunting trips, Los Gauchos has once again expanded the breadth of our operations on this incredible wingshooting continent. Our focus on Peru game is going to include both birds, and big game. The best Peru shooting is just around the corner, and you can see a preview on the Los Gauchos YouTube Channel.

Are you ready to go dove hunting in Peru? Are you ready to experience the best dove hunting Peru has to offer?

Now, before we go any further, we are going to preface Peru dove hunting by stating clearly: this hunt is not a substitute for Argentina dove hunting or Uruguay dove hunting. Peru duck hunting is no substitute for Uruguay duck hunting. However, for those who do not want an expensive shotgun shell bill in Argentina or Uruguay, or are simply happy with shooting 1 to 1.5 cases of shells per day, then do we ever have a hunting trip for you!

A field lunch is available on request, or dove hunters may elect to return to the lodge for lunch. It's totally up to you.

Our experience is that most clients dove hunting in Peru choose a field lunch?after all, one comes to South America to hunt?not have a picnic?so we try to keep our groups as close as possible to the fields.

The flavor and mystique of dove hunting in Peru is unmistakable. This country offers virgin territory for those who wish to experience wingshooting like it must have been at the time that the shotgun was invented. You will see no other hunters, and experience no hunting pressure at all in the area where you will be hunting.

Hunting in Peru was great. The guide was one of the best - knows Peru and bird hunting - we learned a lot and cannot wait to come back.

Peru dove hunting and Peru duck hunting offers die hard White Wing shooters a chance to do better than their best day of dove hunting in Mexico, as well as shoot South American ducks - something new and exciting.

The access is easy, and the shooting is fast and furious. The dove and duck hunt combo is a gentleman's hunt. Anyone in decent physical condition can enjoy the shooting.

Miles and miles of corn fields all over the country are surrounded by groves of trees that make up the large roosts that we hunt for Mourning and Whitewing doves. Peru dove hunting follows the typical South American standard of one bird boy per hunter, with each shooter having his or her own shooting station. Water, sodas, and other refreshments are available in the field, and your bird boy will always be at the ready to supply you with a new box of shells, and to retrieve downed birds.

Peru Game Birds

W hat kinds of birds and big game animals are available to hunt in Peru?

Well, the good news for wingshooters is that Peru shooting offers a smorgasboard of great wildfowl, and all are legal to hunt.

Doves: Dove hunting is considered high-volume. Most shooters can expect to shoot a minumum of 100 doves per day, a maximum of 500, and most of the time, somewhere right in between.

Ducks: in addition to Peru dove hunting, the duck hunting in Peru is also excellent. Imagine your own pristine rice fields to shoot in?completely devoid of other shooters. The fields are buzzing with blue winged teal, speckled teal, black ducks, and many more.

We believe that Peru is going to become the next "Uruguay duck hunting" destination in South America. It has all of the potential to rival this small little nation in volume, variety, and the cultural experience of hunting in the Land of The Incas brings you back in time not only fifty years or so, these lands are over 100 years behind (with the cell phone being about the only exception).

Andean Goose Hunting

The waterfowl action does not stop with the ducks! If you are looking to do some Peru shooting on the ultimate trophy hunt, you will want to venture into the high altitudes of The Andes Mountains?"Los Andes", as they are called here in South America.

This trip will have you in a one-on-one battle with these big geese up on pristine intermountain lakes; you won't be able to concentrate on hunting without making a significant effort to do so?since the scenery is so amazing. If you are ready to make Peru duck hunting and Peru dove hunting a reality for you and yours, simply give us a call at 214-295-5281.

We will plan and organize every part of your trip from air travel to equipment outfitting. We are the only professional outfitter operating in Peru at the time of this writing?so give us a call and get yourself in the game today!

Dove hunting Peru is on target at Los Gauchos Outfitters!

PERU - the country

This South American country is going to leave you amazed with its beauty and mystique. No other country on the continent still posses such ancient Indian heritage and culture. Peru shooting is going to satisfy your sense of adventure, and provide you with a world class hunting trip. The Peru game are abundant, and diverse?like just about everything else in this incredible country.

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