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Bird Hunting Lodges in Peru

Peru hunting is a combination of the classic watefowl and wing-shooting that bird hunters have and continue to enjoy season after season. Peru is a country with a population of game birds that is now legal and open to North American and European shooters to enjoy.

Los Gauchos Outfitters has a team of professional bird hunting experts that are from Peru and involved in the rules - regulations and of course the sport of bird hunting in Peru.

Los Gauchos is proud to add Peru to the destination map for bird hunting trips and along with the excellent hunting comes the accommodations. A trip to Peru is sometimes a long one and the country of Peru is one to see. The lodges are all well designed for the comforts of the international traveler.

Los Gauchos Peru hunting includes duck - dove - goose - Perdiz - quail - Pheasant hunting. Big game hunting is also available in Peru. One good thing about hunting in Peru is the ability to take the birds out of the country and have your favorite taxidermist mount and add them to your wall at home.

Hunting Lodges
Peru Bird Hunting

All of the Los Gauchos Outfitters Peru bird hunts start in Lima. This is the main city that the majority of the airlines fly into from the U.S. Unlike South America, there are several options to take a day time flight and be in Lima just in time for a wonderful Peruvian meal.

The lodge pictured below is the main lodge where you will hunt ducks and doves. The lodge altitude is comparable to Denver.

Some treasures you will find and experience in Peru - besides the excellent game bird hunting and big game hunting.

  • Roasted Coffee Beans - make sure you get some before you depart. The coffee beans in Peru are like none other in the world and they are easy to place in your carry-on for the trip home.

  • Pisco - the famous liquor made and served in Peru. While we do not suggest placing in your bag - the bottles are apt to break and you cannot take them in your carry-on. Enjoy some while staying at the Peru Hunting Lodge. It is a unique liquor famous in Peru.

Peru is a wonderful country to visit and now it ranks high on the list for bird hunting and big game hunting. Los Gauchos is proud to offer Peru bird hunting trips and big game excursions for the hunter. And for the game bird hunter that likes to "show and tell" of his hunting trips - birds can be taken out of the country for mounting.

The fresh air, fantastic food, plus amazing scenery will make Peru top on your hunting destination list.

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Peru Bird Hunting - Ducks, Doves, Andean Geese, Perdiz

Hunting in Peru is on target with Los Gauchos Outfitters!

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