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Hunting in Peru
Peru Deer Hunting

There is no time like right now to go hunting in Peru. The Peruvian government and authorities welcome deer hunting in Peru as well as waterfowl trips such as duck hunting in Peru. You will not find the anti-hunting types here in a country that has a rich heritage of living off the land and celebrating the meals they receive for the Gods.

Duck Hunting in Peru

Deer Hunting in Peru

When it comes to celebrating over a great meal of a freshly taken animal, nothing sounds better than the tender backstrap of a deer. Deer hunting in Peru is now available as an add on for our Andean goose hunting and quail hunting clients. If you would like more details about deer hunting in Peru, contact 214-295-5281.

Hunting In Peru – What Other Species Are Availaible?

The Tinamou (perdiz) and doves (Mourning Dove and Eared Dove), several species of ducks, European Hare and one of the most exciting to hunt - the Inca Ram.

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Peru Deer and other Game - Hunting is Big in Peru

Peru – Your Enjoyment Will Be Maxed-Out

So often, hunting has become so commercialized in some countries that it has taken the “wild” out of the adventure. Although hunting in Peru with Los Gauchos cannot be considered “roughing it”—not by any stretch, the Peruvian hunts still retain the “wild” factor.

Once you get out of the cities, things are quite isolated. Africa is the only experience that could compare.

The places we hunt are only inhabited by plants and animals, and people are very sparse. Because of this, we rely on a lot of specialized equipment to keep us safe and secure, as well as prepared to meet almost any unforeseen circumstance. This trip is a textbook example of what “real hunting” is all about.

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