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Goose Hunting Tips

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Ashyhead - Magellan Geese

Let's start with the most obvious: The Ashyhead and Magellan geese behave differently from our North American snows, specks, and Canadas.

One need not use large decoy spreads to entice them into shooting range, or employ loud calling to build their confidence.

Goose Hunting Techniques

Techniques such as flagging and using spinning wing decoys are actually counterproductive on these birds. When they get in close, this motion makes them nervous, and they will flare. Once these birds see your decoys - and they will - nothing more than light to medium calling by the guides is necessary to keep them coming into the decoys.

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Camouflage for Goose Hunts

Like the rest of the world, the universal technique of being well concealed and very still does apply.

Hunters need to have their faces covered with camo facemasks or, in warmer weather, wear a camouflage bandana wrapped around their face - just like they were about to rob a bank.

Easy to pack and a necessity for waterfowl hunts.

This goose hunting tip applies to those hunting in Argentina, Peru, or Canada.

Goose Hunting

When the birds are coming, it is crucial that the hunters remain still and only fire when the shot is called by the guide.

We recommend using modified chokes while hunting Magellan geese to keep patterns tight out to forty and up to fifty yards.

When the birds decoy in (watch the video), guess which shot—out of the four or five shots the hunter has in the gun, is the most often missed. The answer: the first shot.

Goose Hunting Tips

Here are some goose hunting tips from Los Gauchos that will make all of your goose hunting more successful?but the main point is to debunk some common myths, and highlight some major differences?with respect to goose hunting tactics and hunt preparation that you can expect to see with us on your hunt in South America vs. your prior goose hunting experiences in North America.

A combination of one or two things causes visiting hunters to miss shot number one. Most often, is that once a dozen or so geese are inside of ten yards, the birds are so close that the hunter is already thinking double or triple?and does not take careful aim with his or her fist shot.

Remember what the size of your pattern is at this range? It is like taking a rifle shot, so aim for the head, and aim carefully.

You will have all the time in the world to take at least a triple if you shoot carefully on shot number one, and then have the discipline to pick out just one at a time on shot two, three, four, and depending on which brand of gun you are shooting, shot five.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take your time and just pick out one bird per shot. If you watch the videos closely, you can see that even experienced shooters often misjudge the distance of their shots and miss often?but taking blind shots, flock spraying, or trying for a Scotch double is a low percentage play only employed by impulsive and undisciplined shooters, or rank amateurs.

The best way to practice for your Argentina goose hunting trip, is to take a layout blind?we recommend Final Approach brand products?out to your local sporting clay course. If you do not have one, try using a poolside lounger with an adjustable back.

Have your instructor, or shooting partner, adjust the tower so that the clay bird will be shot approximately ten feet above the ground, and about ten yards from your blind. Since shot sizes of less than 7 ? are not allowed on most ranges, screw in a full choke or a turkey tube into your gun in order to simulate the shot difficulty of breaking a clay bird (the head of the goose) at very close range with #1 shot.

Last but not least, a word of conservation. Like all geese, the Magellan goose has a lot of pinfeathers, so taking shots at geese flying away from the goose hunting spread outside of twenty yards will only result in crippling the bird.

No matter where we are in the world, and no matter how large the resource of game, it is our creed and oath as outdoorsmen to ensure that we only fire on birds that we know are well within effective range of our own personal shooting ability, and the performance of our cartridges. By "within range" we mean that the function of pattern density and kinetic energy of your shot string will result in a clean kill.

Andean Goose Hunting

Goose hunting tips for Peru are similar to any goose hunting tip - see above about the Argentina goose tips. But when you venture into the high altitudes of The Andes Mountains (15,500 feet above sea level, some extra tips and information must be learned to enjoy the Peru goose hunt and to always as Los Gauchos emphasizes - safety with any bird hunt.

The goose hunting in Peru takes some acclimation to the altitude and the guides will always have oxygen with them. Your battle with these big geese is really a trophy hunt, so don't over exert yourself. The scenic views of the Andes Mountains and the immaculate intermountain lakes will make the missed shots a missed memory ? the Peru scenery is astonishing.

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