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Welcome to our Gift Ideas page. Having a page like this is important, because we get so much feedback from non-hunters looking for the perfect trip or new piece of gear for a friend or loved one planning an Argentina dove and duck hunting trip that it just seemed to make sense to everyone in the office. Also there is plenty of information for those who desire a duck hunting trip too.

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As far as hunting outfitters are concerned, most do not offer many specials (apart from the standard father / son trip for dove hunting in Argentina), but folks always ask about them.

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We try to run specials every quarter on an Argentina dove and duck hunting trip, because these are some of the more sought after trips in our lineup. We also thought we would add a list of cool gear too (if for no other reason than for our staff to have an excuse to buy some, and try it out ourselves).

There is nothing more exciting than buying a new duck hunting shotgun, or some other kind of waterfowl hunting gear before your duck hunting trip in South America (if you have some favorite hunting outfitters that you always book with, they might appreciate a gift too).

So without further ado (yep, all the stuff I just wrote was “ado”), here is a batch of trip ideas (dove hunting in Argentina, and more), and cool gear that we use, and personally endorse:

Dove Hunting in Argentina

If your shooter is a maniac “hot barrel” type, nothing but a pure high volume dove hunting trip will do. Argentina dove shooting in the grand style is done in Cordoba. Dove hunting Cordoba Argentina is the “ne plus ultra” of dove hunting around the world—but you already know that I bet.

I bet you hear the stories around the house, or in your email…so what’s next? You need to speak to someone about it…you have looked through the websites of the various hunting outfitters online, and you are ready to talk turkey—I mean dove…we have the Argentina bird hunting trip you are looking for, so give us a shout and we can get started!

Uruguay Duck Hunting

If dove hunting in Argentina is the “ne plus ultra” of dove shooting in Argentina, then Uruguay duck hunting is the best there is for waterfowl hunting in South America.

There is no place one will find anywhere in the Southern Cone of South America where there is less hunting pressure, or more birds per square mile. Hunting outfitters in Uruguay are few, and limits are liberal.

Your expectations will not only be met—they will be blown away! This is the trip for the serious duck hunter.

It is the duck hunting trip of a lifetime. Argentina dove and duck hunting provides for a great combo, but this duck hunting vacation is the maximum effort.

Best Duck Gun

Duck Hunting Blinds

Duck Hunting Tips…

Stay tuned for the sequel to this page…a list of cool gear for any Argentina dove and duck hunting trip. But before you look at the list, you might want to give Visa or Amex a call and see if your credit limit is sufficient—or can be raised—because you are not going to be able to live without a lot of this cool stuff:

  • waders

  • hoodies

  • warm, protective gear you will want to have on, regardless of where your next duck hunting trip takes you.

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