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Dorado Fishing

Dorado Fishing

Uruguay dorado fishing is unique to South America and whether you like spinning or fly-fishing, dorado fishing at the Mercedes Lodge will be a fantastic part of your trip to Uruguay.
Action packed with the "fighting shark" of South America, the golden dorado, a great fishing trip in Uruguay.

Belize Bonefish

Belize Fishing

Belize is the capital of fishing. Just like Cordoba is considered the capital of dove hunting, this small country in the Carribean offers spin, fly, trolling for a variety of fish.
Some of the best bonefish, snook, snapper, permit fishing is in the waters of Belize.

Cast and Blast Uruguay- Los Gauchos Outfitters

Cast & Blast

Combine fishing with hunting and you have the Los Gauchos Cast & Blast trip. High volume dove shooting combined with dorado fishing in Uruguay. A favorite that will please the large group.

The Cast and Blast out of the Mercedes Lodge will soon become an annual event.

Belize Fishing

Belize has the natural structure for fly fishing or conventional use of tackle for fishing. Belize is one of the top permit destinations, and it is the only area besides South Florida that provides sight-fishing for tarpon. Fishing in Belize gives the angler the option to fish for bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook, jacks, grouper, barracuda, snapper, sailfish and marlin. Our expert guide is a professional fishing guide from Belize who knows the Carribean and all the flats, lagoons, and islands to find the fish.

Sport fishing in Belize is a some of the world's best and stays that way with a "catch and release" program. The guide can host 2 anglers per boat and fly-fishing or casting or both is the typical fishing day.

Uruguay Dorado Fishing

Dordo fishing in Uruguay takes place out of the Rio Negro or Uruguay River. The dorado is a freshwater fish that likes to make fishing exciting. The teeth of the freshwater dorado will devour the wooden lures and it will fight and jump - making every dorado catch a trophy ! Come for fly-fishing or traditional casting at the Mercedes Lodge. The best time for dorado fishing is October to April.

Read below about adding some dove hunting to your fishing trip at the Mercedes Lodge.

Cast & Blast

The best combination hunting and fishing is offered at the Mercedes Lodge. Dorado fishing along with dove hunting called the Los Gauchos Cast and Blast. Take all day for fishing and then add a day or 2 of dove hunting OR you can shoot doves in the morning and take the afternoon for dorado fishing. Maybe finish up with more dove hunting.

This is one of the best values and most popular for all groups. The Mercedes Lodge is a luxury lodge with many modern amenities, so the Uruguay Cast and Blast is also a great family vacation. Will please all the shooters (young and old) as well as those who love to fish or may want to try fishing for the dorado. By the end of the trip, you will be a bona fide angler - the dorado fishing at Mercedes means catching fish.

Grand Caribe Belize

Golden Dorado Uruguay

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