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Dorado Fishing Tips

Uruguay Dorado Fishing Tips

Dorado Lures & Flies

The South American dorado is so territorial, it will attack any fish that encroaches on the dorado?s ?personal space?.

Large broke-back Rapalas work wonders, as do just about any saltwater streamers used for tarpon, including large deceivers. As far as colors go, anything black and/or white, yellow and red, and orange and/or black all work fine.

Color is much less important than size, the bigger the better. Plan to use at least a ten weight fly line, or larger.

Uruguay Fishing Equipment:
  • Fly Line: >10 weight
  • Lures: Large Rapalas
  • Rods & Reels provided
  • Bring Your Favorite Fly Rod

Dorado Fish Recipe

We can assure you that you will be impressed with the strength and aggressive disposition of the golden dorado in South America.

They are hardest fighting freshwater gamefish in South America, and probably the finest fish for eating as well. The dorado makes great table fare?so good in fact, that our clients rave over it, and request the recipe that we use here at the lodge, so here it is:

Grilling Dorado:
  • Brush the fish with canola or sunflower oil (olive oil breaks down under very high heat).
  • As soon as the dorado is cooked half way through, turn the fish over.
  • Keep a careful watch on the remaining side of the fish in order to avoid overcooking. If you dry it out, it will taste like store bought tilapia—not the delicious freshwater dorado.

Fishing Tips - Golden Dorado in Uruguay

We would like to introduce you to the River Tiger, that is the name given to the fierce freshwater fish that is the Golden Dorado (Salminus brasiliensis), and offer you some great Golden Dorado fishing tips as well. If you have ever caught and striper, then you already know just how hard a freshwater dorado is going to pull?if you have ever hooked a tarpon, you know just how acrobatic these fish are. Therefore, the only dorado fishing tips you will ever need will be to use the techniques that you would use if you were fighting the above fish.

Ok, so you have never caught a striper and/or a tarpon? No problem. While dorado fishing in South America, you dorado fishing guide will coach you ever step of the way. He will explain all of the tactics that you will wish to employ while pursing this powerful and migratory freshwater ?minishark?. The dorado is always on the prowl for baitfish, and your lure is going to emulate one of those baitfish, or some other fish that is just going to piss off the territorial golden dorado.

golden doradois an eating and killing machine?the closest thing there is to a freshwater shark?and these fish can be found throughout the Southern Cone of South America. The biggest dorado in South America are found in Bolivia and Uruguay. Bolivia is totally third world, while Uruguay is as first world as France and Spain. You are going to love Uruguay! It is the safest and most stable country in South America, and due to its small size (about the size of Washington), it is easy to travel around the country for all kinds of hunting and fishing trips.

Worry free bookireservations early.

Convenience: with new non-stop flights frosier to book a Uruguay hunting trip.

You can be in the field hunting the very afternoon that you arrive. The new terminal in Montevideo International airport (Carrasco), is open, and it has made traveling through Uruguay a pleasure.

In fact, it's safe to say that the lines at the airport in Uruguay are probably shorter than in any other airport in South America--ease of travel should be a consideration, and anyone who has ever waited in line to obtain a hunting license or gun permit in Argentina understands this.

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