Tips for Duck Hunters to Experience a lifetime of Successful Duck Hunting Outings:

Duck Hunting Tips

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Equipment

First, you need to go out and buy a duck call. I suggest a double reed duck call that does not require a lot of forced air to blow.

Cutt Down Game Calls makes an inexpensive mallard duck call that is very forgiving, and produces a very raspy sound without the need to blow hard into the call.

This makes practice sessions less fatiguing, so you may focus exclusively on your technique and not on your volume.

Make sure to also invest in a quality duck calling video. Mick Lacy instructional material is the best in the industry in my opinion. Following the advice of the expert callers in these lessons will make a huge difference in your learning curve, unless you have an experienced caller on hand to teach you how to make all the different sounds you will need to master in order to bring ducks into your decoys.


There's a lot more to decoys than meets the eye - or, at least that's what you want the ducks to think!

You should buy the best decoys that you can afford.

Super-magnums cost more, but they add a lot more visibility to your spread which will allow ducks to see your decoys from a much further distance.

Mixing up some different brands, and sizes, of decoys helps add realism to your spread.

This is because each manufacturer produces a slightly different shape to the body that you won't notice, but the ducks will.

Having different sizes will make it appear that there are both mature and juvenile birds present.

Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Hunting Journal

This might seem amateurish and elementary, but keeping a written record of your successful duck hunts and not - so-successful days, is one of the most important duck hunting tips you could take away from our website.

It's true that you learn from your mistakes - and duck hunting is no exception - and by following your progress, you will start noticing patterns in duck behavior.

But most importantly, you will learn from your own behavior too. For example, did birds that you could have shot at fly over your decoys while you were still setting up? Did it happen because you arrived at the blind too late?


You'd be surprised how often we find hunters forget the simple fact that if they limit their hunting radius, they lessen their chances of bagging ducks, which is why this is on our list of duck hunting tips.

You need not stay on the water for every duck hunt; branch out and you'll find that crop fields - not always the water - offer many shooting opportunities as well.

Los Gauchos duck hunts always has professional guides leading the hunting. Many have been hunting since they were young, and know the ducks - the calls - and the best scouting techniques for the area.

Final Duck Hunting Tip - Location - Location - Location

While these duck hunting tips may not all appear equal, it's important that you treat them like they are. Don't concentrate on decoy spreads but ignore your duck calls - allot equal time for each endeavor, regardless of whether it's your favorite part of the sport or your least. For successful duck hunting, be consistent in your habits that work well, and manage all tactics equally. An obvious duck hunting tip is to hunt where the ducks are (think URUGUAY), hit the back roads (most of Eastern URUGUAY), hunt where water is (URUGUAY and the rice fields), use a good spread of 50 - 150 duck decoys (URUGUAY duck hunting guides do this before every duck hunt). The best duck hunting tactic is to hunt where the birds are flying, feeding, or resting. The location where this occurs - Uruguay.

To sum it up, Uruguay is the best place for duck hunting and Los Gauchos is the best source for Uruguay duck hunting. The best tip for you to remember when planning your duck hunting season.

When it comes to why the eastern part of Uruguay has so many ducks or why South America is a duck hunting haven, know that Mother Nature plays the biggest role when it comes to duck production. Wet springs and dry summers really help sustain the duck populations during the season. Los Gauchos stands to be the outfitter that will provide an awareness of healthy, consistent waterfowl environments and waterfowl hunting practices. Our recommendation as well as the hundreds of waterfowl hunters we have hosted - Uruguay for duck hunting.

The most thrilling moments for a duck hunter are those when a big flock of ducks sweeps over the decoys. Uruguay adds to this thrilling moment; not just one but flocks fly by all day long. Take note of the species in the flock. Our professional guides are there to help point out the ducks in Uruguay. Early in the season you will see tons of pintails. While later in the season (end of June - September) you will see the large Rosy Billed Pochard species.

Finally, take note of the wind. Like airplanes, ducks will land into the wind. So whatever wind there is - get set up accordingly. The ducks will come into the wind. This is a guarantee of duck hunting.

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