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Los Gauchos 2008 Brochure

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Los Gauchos Outfitters
Argentina - Uruguay - Peru Bird Hunting

Los Gauchos Outfitters offers wild bird hunting in Argentina and Uruguay. There are no stock photos used on our website. All of our photos were taken on location with Los Gauchos Outfitters by the following industry leading photojournalists:

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  • Lee Thomas Kjos

  • James Daniel

  • R. Valentine Atkinson

  • Stuart Williams

  • Clair Kofoed

  • George Criddle

Taking a good look through their talented photographic eyes, you will find the real deal…you will experience an up close and personal look at these beautiful South American ducks and geese—just as they are seen from the eyes of the a visiting waterfowl hunter.

We hope you will enjoy our photos. They represent the best bird hunting in South America. Notice the attention to detail in all of the images (the vivid colors, and plumage) and you will understand why so many duck hunters repeat this amazing international wingshooting trip. This is a true dream trip for any serious collector. Our guests can expect to harvest at least 7 (usually more) species of ducks on every trip.

Please refer to our prices page to see a complete list of the Argentina and Uruguay hunting trips, as well as many other options for hunting in South America.

We now have one full color brochures available for download. Please download the brochure if you wish to view some of the best Argentina and Uruguay duck hunting photos in the world.

Many of these images have been seen in leading magazines such as Shooting Sportsman, as well as in our own ads in Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl.

Please check our website regularly for the latest updates from Los Gauchos—the leading outfitter for duck hunting in Argentina, and duck hunting in Uruguay...and now duck hunting in Peru.

Give our brand of waterfowl a shot. We don’t miss!

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