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Argentina and Uruguay Hunting Photos

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Some of the hunting photos in this slideshow include the following Argentina and Uruguay waterfowl:

  • Brown Pintails (also called Yellow-billed pintails, and Corn ducks)
  • Cinnamon Teal
  • Silver Teal (also called cappuccino teal)
  • Speckled Teal (pato barcino)
  • Rosy billed Pochard (a diver related to the canvasback family)
  • Brazilian ducks
  • Perdiz (sometimes referred to as Tinamou)
  • Magellan geese (drake: white feathers with black barring ---- hen: brown feathers, with yellow feet)

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Argentina and Uruguay Bird Hunting

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Brigadier General James R. Daniel
About pro Photographer General James Daniel
A Grand Gaucho...

Los Gauchos was proud to host Brigadier General James Daniel, U.S. Army, ret— for his hunting trip to Argentina and Uruguay starting in 2005 and every season following. His expert photography will bring you as close as possible to the great duck hunting in Argentina and Uruguay—without your actually being in the duck blind with him.

Jim has been a passionate duck hunter his entire life, and belongs to one of the finest duck hunting clubs in Stuttgart, Arkansas, where he labors endlessly in the pursuit of beautiful duck and goose images. In addition, every year Jim shares the duck hunting tradition with his son, Shawn, a combat veteran currently serving in the U.S. Army.

To see more of his fantastic images, such as Mallard duck hunting in Arkansas, and other waterfowl photos, please see his website: or pickup up some old issues of Gray’s Sporting Journal, Waterfowl Hunter, or to se his complete duck and goose hunting articles, and photo essays.

Not only do these duck hunting photos showcase great Argentina wingshooting, but they contain duck hunting photos in Uruguay, and Argentina dove hunting photos from estancia Los Chanares—the world’s greatest dove hunting lodge.

But probably the neatest part of the entire slideshow, is the tribute to our many men and women serving in the Armed Forces that, while we sleep comfortably in our beds at night, fight for the freedoms that we so often take for granted on a daily basis.

The most appropriate example to bring up in this forum is our constitutional right to bear arms. This is the cornerstone of our privilege to hunt!

So please enjoy this slideshow, and whether or not you support the war in Iraq—support and honor the troops that are fighting it. For example, next the time you see a man or woman in uniform, thank them for their sacrifice.

In fact, you can do more than that; if you see them in a restaurant—buy their meal—if you see them in a bar—buy them a drink. Let’s all pull together and support those who fight for freedom in this global war against terrorists—and not let our enemies threaten our way of life any more; or the lives of our future generations.

It is exhausted, but true. Freedom is not free.

While we are on the subject of stewardship:

If you are not already a supporter of at least a few—if not all—of the following organizations, we would like to ask to you to consider a membership (less than $30 per organization, depending on the level of membership). Your membership does matter, now more than ever.

These are the folks that are fighting to protect your right to hunt, and/or the ones that are protecting vital habitat so that you will be able to enjoy hunting with your children and grandchildren:

National Rifle Association ( NRA )

Ducks Unlimited

Quail Unlimited

Delta Waterfowl

Pheasants Forever

National Wild Turkey Federation

There are obviously many other organizations that are doing great things for hunting and fishing that I do not have the time or space to list here, but I encourage you to research them yourself and find an organization that supports a cause you believe in, and support them with your time and/or dollars.

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