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Argentina Hunting Trips - FAQs

Argentina hunting has a long history with bird hunters from all over the globe. High volume dove shooting to excellent duck hunting at lodges that serve premium beef and fine wines from the Malbac region. Los Gauchos serves as a resource for your Argentina hunting trip. Our bird hunting trips are meant to be enjoyed, so we provide all the information and request you ask questions.

Standard Questions about Argentina:

Argentina Hunting Truths:

No longer just for the elite, Argentina dove hunting is affordable and more than worth the flight and fees.

— Los Gauchos Argentina Bird Hunter

Argentina hunting is a top destination for dove hunting and seeing South America. Lots to do and see when you are in Argentina. Los Gauchos Outfitters looks forward to hosting you in Cordoba for dove hunting or Sante Fe region for an Argentina duck - dove - Perdiz hunt.

Argentina Bird Hunting FAQs

How Do I Get to the Argentina Hunting Lodge(s)?

Clients fly to Buenos Aires from one of the North American gateways (MIA, ATL, JFK, IAD, DFW, IAH) on an overnight flight. Most flights leave the USA between 8:00 ? 11:00 PM, and arrive in Buenos Aires (EZE) in the early AM between 6:30AM ? 10:00AM. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, clients are met by our representatives, and either transfer by air or ground to their particular hunting lodges in Argentina. Many hunters choose to spend one night in Buenos Aires before beginning their South American hunting trip. When entering Argentina , clients with the following passports will be required to pay a "reciprocity fee". This fee as of January 2013, MUST BE PRE PAID before you depart your home country.

  • USA citizens: $140 USD (fee does change - please check with our office for Argentina government link).

  • Canadian citizens: $70 USD

  • Australian citizens: $100 USD
Please note this fee may change without proper notice. You will pay this fee upon landing at EZE, Buenos Aires International Airport.

Forms of payment include: credit/debit card - paid online before you depart for Argentina.

Clients hunting in Cordoba, or Santa Fe will arrive by air (a large jet, not a commuter prop). All others will transfer by ground in a comfortable van.

What is the best way to get to Cordoba for Argentina dove hunting?

The most direct way is to fly through Santiago, Chile and then connect straight into Cordoba (airport code is COR.

You can also fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina and then take a short flight from the domestic airport into Cordoba.

Please note that you will have to pay the ground transfer in Buenos Aires. This is NOT part of the Cordoba dove hunting trip.

When are the Argentina Bird Hunting Seasons ?

Argentina Dove Hunting - Season is all day everyday. A few lodges do close April. However, Los Gauchos has a several Cordoba dove lodges so you pick the dates - the dove hunting in Argentina is always available.

Argentina Duck Hunting - May to August

Pigeon Hunting - October to April at the PB Pigeon Lodge (Cordoba, Argentina)

Perdiz Hunting - Upland hunting in Argentina is legal May 1st to July 31st.

Do I need a visa to travel to Argentina ?

If you are a U.S. Citizen, you do not need to apply for a visa—you only need to bring a valid passport. The passport must not expire within six months of your arrival date. If you are not an American citizen, please check with the appropriate consulate in your country to find out if you will need a visa.

Please see the paragraph above about entering Buenos Aires as a US, Canadian or Australian citizen. You will have to pay a small "reciprocity fee".

Do I need any special inoculations or shots to travel in Argentina?

No inoculations are required for Argentina hunting trip.. Los Gauchos Outfitters is not qualified to convey medical advice.

We encourage you to consult your family physician and/or the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the most up to date information and recommendations for travel within Argentina.

Can I book a hunting trip to Argentina as a single shooter ?

Yes. The Argentina dove hunting lodges hold up to 16 shooters, so you can join an intact group. Contact Los Gauchos as we have a Corodba dove lodge that only requires 4 shooters to make it an exclusive private dove hunt.

Can I bring my own shotgun to Argentina for bird hunting ?

It depends. This is a very personal decision. Many of our clients bring their own shotgun every season, and will continue to no matter what. Los Gauchos Outfitters has had seasons with 20% of our total clientele bringing their own shotgun for the waterfowl or wingshooting trips. The remainder decided for various reasons, not to bring their own gun.

We suggest that you look at the following pros and cons very carefully before deciding which choice is right for you: Bringing your gun to Argentina is a lot more expensive than it used to be.

First, Argentina has increased their gun permit prices over 65% in the last two years, even though their peso collapsed. Their money is now worth thirty-one cents on the dollar, but they decided to stick it to the visiting hunters. They now charge $110 per gun to bring your firearms into the country.

Upon arrival in South America, you simply present the one-page form that we will have sent you in advance to the airport police.

You then open your case in front of the only two police officers that issue gun permits at the airport, and they stamp and complete your paperwork.

Finally, you pay $110 USD per gun (in cash at the airport), and you are on your way. The fee is actually 300 Argentine Pesos, which leaves you with about $10 USD change due back to you?but guess what??they can't make change.

The required data for each shotgun you bring into Argentina or Uruguay must include the serial number, make, model, gauge, and your passport information.

You must present the stamped form to the authorities when you depart Argentina. Make sure you keep this form with you - high fees and risk of missing your flight if you lose the gun authorization paperwork while in Argentina.

What type of shotguns does Los Gauchos provide for Argentina bird hunting ?

The gun inventory at the Cordoba dove lodges include:

  • Benelli 20 gauge autos

  • Berretta 20 gauge autos

  • Berretta 20 gauge over and unders

  • Silver Pigeon 28 gauge over unders

  • .410 Silver Pigeon over and unders

  • 12 gauge over and under
Los Gauchos Outfitters is proud to provide the best hunting equipment for Argentina bird hunting.

What type of shotgun shells are available in Argentina for bird hunting?

We stock 12 and 20 gauge shells at our WATERFOWL HUNTING and UPLAND HUNTING destinations in the following shot sizes:

  • 12 gauge: #1, #3, #5, and 7.5 and/or 8.
  • 20 gauge: #5 and 7.5 or 8 only
  • 28 gauge: please inquire; only # 7.5 or 8 is available
  • 16 gauge: please inquire, only # 7.5 or 8 is available
  • 410 gauge: not available at waterfowl destinations

Argentina Dove Hunting
Our dove hunting destinations stock ammunition for 12, 20, 28, and 410 is occasionally available on request. Our South American dove hunting lodges do not stock 16 gauge shotshells.

What kind of plug do I need to charge my laptop or iPhone while in Argentina?

Appliances in Argentina require 220 volts so it is necessary to bring an electricity converter for travelers from the US. Additionally, a European adapter will be needed for two-pronged plugs. You can purchase a plug converter for your electronics at any travel store or retail megamart.

Are shotgun plugs used in Argentina?

No. Leave your plugs at home. Argentina bird hunting is action packed with high volume doves. Enjoy bird hunting in Argentina as it used to be.

Do you need a hunting license for Argentina Bird Hunting?

Yes. Please complete the Customer Data Form before you depart for your Argentina hunting trip.

The license fee will be included on the final invoice. Cordoba dove hunting is priced per day. They do not pro-rate so even if you hunt only in the morning - you pay for a day license.

Check the statement or call our office for the current Argentina hunting license fee. You will pay for your hunting license at the lodge in Cordoba.

Do I need waders for Argentina duck hunting ?

Yes. The blinds are accessed with special boats so waders are a must for duck hunting in Argentina.

What forms of payment does Los Gauchos accept for Argentina hunting trips?

Checks and Mastercard/Visa for the Argentina hunting trips. Shotgun shells and your Cordoba dove license are paid at the lodge. Most Argentina hunting lodges accept cash (USD), checks (with processing fee).

How far is the Cordoba Hunting Lodge from the airport?

Most of the lodges are located about 1 hour to 1.5 hours from the Cordoba International airport.

Our host (English speaking) will meet you at the airport and transfer your group to the lodge.

Arriving before 1 PM will allow you to hit the dove hunting fields for an afternoon dove shoot.

What is the Ground Transfer Fee ?

The Ground Transfer fee includes the roundtrip from the Cordoba airport to the lodge and the return to the airport in Cordoba on the day of departure. The ground transfer fees is set based on an intact group. If you need a seperate trip due to flight arrangements that are different than your group, you will be charged a higher fee. Please contact Los Gauchos Outfitters if you have questions about the ground transfer.

The Ground Transfer DOES NOT include any transfer or travel within Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have guides that are happy to meet you at the Buenos Aires International Airport and assist with your transfers within Buenos Aires. The driver is paid directly for this service. Please contact Los Gauchos, we have a company that has been a friend of our clients and host to hundreds of our guests.

Do You Offer Any Type of Trip Protection ?

Yes. Los Gauchos is licensed to sell Trip Protection designed specifically for international traveling sportsmen and women.

Your hunting deposit is non-refundable and if you decide to bring your shotgun, please purchase the Trip Protection. Once you pay the final payment for your Argentina hunting trip - it is a final sale. We know circumstances occur and changes need to be made, we will be happy to help you rebook. Please note all lodges have different policies and we suggest you rebook sooner rather than later, most will rebook you the same year.

It is offered by Travel Guard and they have 24-7 customer support while you are traveling. For more questions or to get a quote - contact Los Gauchos or review their website that explains the Sportsman Trip Protection.

What will the weather be like for my Argentina hunting trip ?

The seasons are opposite those in North America, so December to February is the summertime in Argentina and June - August is winter time.

The weather is mild in Cordoba making it just about perfect for dove hunting anytime of year.

See our Argentina travel page for current and forecasted weather in Cordoba, Argentina.

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