For those that want a focus on high volume shooting, doves is the answer and Cordoba is the destination.

Cordoba Dove Hunting

Cordoba Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Cordoba is a dove hunting paradise for all bird hunting enthusiasts. Cordoba is located in the province of Cordoba, in central Argentina, 60 miles north of the Cordoba City international airport.

There are many reasons to come dove hunting in Cordoba; Hospitality, pricing but most of all the vast number of doves. Below you can find additional information on the Cordoba dove hunting packages that we offer. Our peak sessons and off-peak sessons have nothing to do with bird populations or migration.

Like any popular vacation destination the prices are set in relation to travel demand. We maintain the volume, hunting equipment and high quality dove hunting throughout the year.

We have split the season into a peak and off-peak season. Please note that the birds are plentiful all year round. The seasons were only created because of the travel schedules of our clients.

The most popular time and when the lodges are full is June - July. Other times of the year are excellent shooting and you may get a "special" rate!

The dove hunting in Argentina and specifically in Cordoba is a popular sport and open year round. The hunting regulations have no limits of seasons for the dove hunting for several reasons. One is to protect the crops and farmland that doves can destroy. The volume of doves in Cordoba is so high that wingshooters are encouraged to spend a day or 2 in the field to help with the over population of doves.

Unlimited birds, amazing food and wine, great service - dove hunting in Cordoba can not be any better.

A hunting license is required and unlike other areas and Argentina bird hunting, dove hunting in Cordoba requires a license that is charged per day and is not pro-rated. Fees change, so please check with Los Gauchos for the most current Cordoba dove hunting license fees.

Dove hunting in Cordoba is a great destination for large hunting groups and many of the lodges can host up to 12 wingshooters at a time. For those that have a smaller group of dove hunting buddies, our several of our Cordoba dove hunting lodges require a minimum of 4 shooters to make it a private hunt. And there is no extra fee to claim the week for your private group.

Dove Hunting Tips

The dove hunting is equal in Cordoba, no area is better than another area. Some things to consider when planning a dove hunting trip in Cordoba:

  • Drive time to the Dove Shooting

  • Lodge and Accommodations - do you want a first class experience for accommodations or are you just coming for the dove shooting fun.

  • Travel Assistance - Los Gauchos offers travel assistance including Trip Protection, various ways to make payments, handling logistics such as flights and any pre or post trip into Buenos Aires.

  • Dove Hunting Packages without the "extra" or surprise fees - our daily rates are inclusive and we spell out and happy to discuss the fees that are not a part of the daily rates. Many of these fees are dependent on the hunting regulations in Argentina, the value of the dollar, and the adjustments or additions to your Cordoba dove hunting trip.

  • Are shotguns included? Many dove hunting trips do NOT include guns and charge a daily fee. Los Gauchos Outfitters has set the standard and we know consumers love when competitors copy of philosophy: you are paying to dove hunt in Cordoba - a gun is part of that daily rate.

  • Shotgun shell fees - an important part to budget for. Cordoba dove hunting is high volume and doves shot are not limited, so the only fees you pay at the end of your dove hunting trip are for the shotgun shells. Los Gauchos Outfitters tries to make it easy and efficient for you by allowing wing shooters to charge their shell count to a Mastercard or Visa or pay with US cash or a combination of these methods. Since we cannot predict the number of shells you will shoot, we do not allow you to prepay for the shells. You pay after using the goods - shotgun shells in Cordoba!

  • Special equipment or items for dove hunting in Argentina? No, just yourself, some comfortable clothes and shoes, protection for some hot and heavy shooting, and ready for a good Cordoba dove shooting adventure.

  • Is it easy to travel to Argentina and specifically Cordoba? Yes, all major carriers have at least one flight per evening to Buenos Aires. American Airlines leads the pack with 4 flights per evening and another one being added as a daytime flight. If you would like to skip Buenos Aires and fly right into Cordoba, no problem. You will fly from the US to Santiago, Chile (airport code = SCL) and then fly directly into Cordoba. Again, Los Gauchos offers assistance with these flights and schedules and options no matter which city you start from.

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