Pigeon Shooting in Argentina - Just part of the Argentina Bird Hunting mix with Los Gauchos Outfitters

Argentina Pigeon Hunting

Argentina Pigeon Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Los Gauchos Outfitters does offer pigeon shooting in Argentina at select destinations. We do offer excellent decoyed pigeon shooting just across the river in Uruguay. 

This pigeon hunting can be taken alone, or in conjunction with Cordoba dove hunting. If you have never tried pigeon hunting in Argentina, we highly suggest that you give it a try—it’s the next best things to Argentina duck shooting on dry land!

Pigeon shooting is ideal for our clients have health problems that prevent them from being able to walk behind a dog for an entire afternoon of Perdiz hunting, or endure the cold weather of duck hunting, so we needed to find an activity that they could do. The pigeon hunts were the logical choice, and now all of our clients love to shoot them.

Pigeon hunting is much more civilized: the drives to the hunting areas are easy, and clients have the option to hunt other species like dove, and Perdiz.

Argentina Bird Hunting Perfection - High volume doves with a day of Pigeon Shooting"

Pigeon hunting trips are such great fun.

These birds offer the most challenging shooting South America has to offer.

Pigeons fly high and erratically as part of their nature, and once the shooting begins, they become especially wary.
If you move at all, they are very adept at seeing you and quickly performing evasive aerobatic maneuvers—flaring straight out of gun range.

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