Argentina Perdiz Hunting offers a Great Break from High Volume Duck & Dove Shooting.

Argentina Perdiz Hunting

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Although wild quail hunting is available in the Patagonia region of Argentina; far and away, the Tinamou is the most popular quarry of visiting upland birds hunters. Tinamou is the scientific name given to the game bird that is never referred to by this name...South American bird hunting outfitters call them Perdiz (pronounced “pear-deez”. Visiting American hunters pronounce it “perdeez”.

Whatever you want to call it, hunters often use more colorful words (usually the four-letter kind) to describe these birds while their pointer is shifting from one point to another in a constant effort to relocate these fast running, and highly invisible creatures. Click here if you wish to read more about Argentina Perdiz hunting.

Argentina Perdiz hunting brings bird hunters from the US and Europe to experience this classic Upland bird hunt with high quality bird dogs.

The Perdiz is a distant cousin of the ostrich and the similarities are seen when the Perdiz run. Argentina Perdiz look like a pheasant and larger than a bob-white quail. The dogs help get the Perdiz in the air.

I give Argentina high marks for Upland hunting. It is a bird country, and one does not have to trek all over to experience great Upland hunting otherwise known as Perdiz hunting."

The Perdiz in Argentina stay on the ground and tend to flush in singles. Upland bird dogs pick up their scent and the Perdiz "shoot" up into the air.

Argentina provides a grand bird hunting environment with ducks - high volume doves - and Upland bird hunts at the same Argentina hunting lodge.

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