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Del Norte Lodge - Argentina Dove Hunting

Cordoba Dove Hunting - Del Norte - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Are you ready to go dove hunting in Cordoba?

Have you been dove hunting in Cordoba before, and now you are ready to return?

If so, this new lodge could be just what you need! Argentina dove hunting lodges run the gamut from 5 - star opulent to 3-star "camps".

This hunting lodge is right in the middle, so we give it 4-stars - it has everything you need, with a little luxury thrown in too.

Hunting is high class high volume everyday - all day in Cordoba.

It's pretty easy to get to Cordoba. You can connect through Buenos Aires, or through Santiago, Chile. We suggest that clients who are planning a wingshooting trip for dove hunting in Cordoba, Argentina connect through Santiago.

It's a better airport, and LAN has better service than Aerolineas Argentinas - hands down - in every measurable area.

Once you arrive in Cordoba, all of the Argentina doves hunting lodges are within 1:45 minutes of the airport. The driving is easy?all on paved roads with the exception of the last few miles.

How do I choose which Argentina Lodge to shoot doves ?

Are you still thinking about it?

Whether you have ever been dove hunting in Cordoba before or not, it's time to do it?or do it again.

None of us are getting any younger, and you can't take your money with you - as they say.

We have the best dove hunting, at the best prices - you can pay more for dove shooting at other lodges, but you will not GET more.

Only Los Gauchos includes high quality dove hunting shotguns in the daily rate - not many outfitters do.

Don't leave anything to chance - check out these photos, and come join Los Gauchos Outfitters at one of the best Argentina dove hunting lodges in operation today!

For more information email us at: info@losgauchos.com or call: 214-295-5281 - we will answer all of your questions and have you on your way to dove hunting in Cordoba right away.

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