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Los Gauchos is well known for offering a large variety of Argentina bird hunting.

There is no other destination in the world that offers high-volume wingshooting for such a reasonable prices.

Dove hunting in Argentina is really something special. The sheer numbers of birds is beyond belief, and the food, wine, and friendly customer service makes this dove-hunting destination a client favorite.

Argentina is a country steeped in pride and tradition, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the architecture of their famous "estancias"?which are opulent country manors built by the landed gentry long ago.

For this Cordoba dove hunting trip, you are in for a treat, because you will have the opportunity to be a guest at one of these wonderful properties.

My expectations were far exceeded by the number of doves and the quality of the hunting lodge, service and especially the food. T

Here is the best part: you get to wake up and do it again tomorrow - It's Argentina bird hunting at its finest.

Let the staff pamper you and take care of all of your needs.

After all, you are on a dove hunting vacation, so just enjoy it!

For more information about Cordoba dove hunting, contact us by phone at 214-295-5281 or email the office at: info@losgauchos.com.

Dove hunting in Argentina is one of our most popular venues; it has to be seen to be believed.

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