Argentina Duck Hunting - San Jose Lodge

Argentina Duck Hunting Lodge - San Jose

Argentina Duck Hunting - San Jose Lodge - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Los Gauchos is well known for offering excellent duck hunting trips. Now enjoy some of the best duck hunting in Argentina with Los Gauchos Outfitters

There is no other destination in the world that offers fantastic duck hunting just 2 hours from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Duck hunting in Argentina is world class. The lodge and duck blind areas sit near Parana River, which means lots of ducks from May 1 - August 31. The lodge is a classic estancia that is updated for the hunter's comfort.

Duck hunting is back in Argentina - Los Gauchos puts on a first class hunting trip - this is it. Ducks all day at San Jose!

Highlights of the Argentina duck hunt at San Jose:

-Parana Delta is best water source so ducks are plentiful.

-Private ranch with over 13000 acres - short drive times to the duck blinds. This is important when comparing hunting trips in Argentina.

-Want a combo - get the best of both in Argentina AND Uruguay. Make your South American hunting trip worth it and see both countries.

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