Do you want to go goose hunting in Argentina again with Los Gauchos?
Visit our new operation in Peru. No, not Argentina, but if it is goose hunting you want, Peru is the country to try.

Argentina Goose Hunting

Argentina Goose Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Goose hunting is one of hunting's greatest pleasures. Combined with duck hunting, Argentina has been a wonderland for waterfowl hunters.

Los Gauchos will provide all the information needed for goose hunting in Argentina. Our professional hunting guides will be great resources.

Los Gauchos starts the goose hunt in Argentina early - after a warm breakfast & coffee. The guides place the decoys - you enjoy the hunt.

For those just set on goose hunting, take a look at our NEW destination: PERU. Peru goose hunting is a trophy hunt and a bird hunt that will fulfill your goose hunting needs.

The ultimate trophy hunt is in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains. This goose hunting trip will have you in a one-on-one battle with these big geese up on inter-mountain lakes. The scenic views are amazing and adding in the goose hunting, Peru is the new goose hunting destination for South America.

We are the only professional outfitter offering goose hunting in Peru at this time so give us a call and get yourself in the game today! And no worries, goose hunting is legal in Peru.

A trophy hunt that takes place high in the Andes mountains, this is an adventure and spectacular goose hunt.

Argentina bird hunts has a wide mix for your hunting trip. Los Gauchos has taken Argentina goose hunting off its menu of Argentina bird hunts. The country placed a ban on goose hunting and severly limited the areas where goose hunting could take place. Los Gauchos did not feel the goose hunting was up to par for our clients, so we encourage the other wingshooting and waterfowl that is so spectacular in Argentina. Dove hunting, duck hunting, pigeon hunting and Perdiz hunting all in Argentina and all out of the same lodge with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

In a crowded field of hunting outfitters, Los Gauchos Outfitters stands alone at the top for Argentina goose hunting. In over ten years of hunting in Argentina, I can say that their hunting equipment and duck decoys are the finest I have ever seen."

Geese in Argentina are large birds and because of their size it can be seen from far away. Their wing span range in lengths from 3 to 6 feet, and they can weigh up to 18 pounds. The southern part of Argentina has a cooler winter, so the goose hunting is prime in the area near Bahia Blanca Argentina.

The government has placed limits on areas or "provinces" that goose hunting is legal, so do check your outfitter and the location where you will be goose hunting in Argentina.

Argentina goose hunting is combined with Perdiz hunting and duck hunting for a great Argentina mixed bag hunt.

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