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Argentina Duck Hunting

Argentina Duck Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Argentina Duck Hunting

NEW for 2016 is Argentina duck hunting - close to Buenos Aires. All major airlines fly into Buenos Aires and with duck hunting just 2.5 hours away, this could become the perfect hunting trip. This Argentina duck hunt also includes Perdiz hunting (with Upland bird dogs) and dove hunting. Contact Los Gauchos Outfitters today to find out about this NEW destination. We search hard and find the best fields, land and areas to hunt, so book a trip to Argentina and discover what duck hunting should be.

Whether the economy is high, low, fast, or slow ...Argentina duck hunting continues to be a powerhouse trip. More and more waterfowlers are learning that they spend one fifth of the money by making the most of their duck shooting season by duck hunting in Argentina.

Having long been known as a great destination for some of the world's best duck hunting, Argentina is becoming so popular that one needs to plan on making a reservation almost a year in advance if they intend to shoot with any operators that are worth their salt…and Los Gauchos Outfitters is no exception.

We have been duck hunting in Argentina for over ten years now, and watched the international flights become increasingly more crowded with camouflaged-clad hunters from all over North America and Europe.

In order to keep up with the high demand, Los Gauchos is adding new locations as quickly and reasonably as possible. Our South American duck hunting lodges are virtual duck hunting clubs in South America.

But no membership required, just a duck hunting passion and about a week off during the summer to head to the cool temperatures of Argentina for prime duck hunting.

One frequently asked question we always get via email is this:

How does Argentina duck hunting compare to Mexico duck hunting?

Our answer is easy! There is no comparison. Argentina's duck hunting beats Mexico in every area, without fail (more species, more ducks, closer over decoys, no long drives--you name it).

The only thing that compares to the quality of the Argentina duck hunts themselves is the total experience of going hunting in Argentina. The beautiful estancias possess an unforgettable charm, and the trip to and from the duck marsh is full of unique sights that remind one of the more simple and laid back lives of yesteryear.

Duck hunting trips in Argentina offer a modest level of escape and therapy for those who are looking to escape a hot, dry, and hectic summer back in North America or Europe.

The cuisine, the fine wines from the Mendoza region, and the always cordial Argentine people make this foray to South America an all time favorite of much of the international wingshooting community.

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