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Argentina Dove Hunting

Some of the Best Dove Hunting in the World .... Argentina Dove Hunting

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Argentina Lodges

Argentina duck hunting is an outstanding South America bird hunt. Wanting to hunt in a stylish Argentina hunting lodge, eat exquisite Argentine cuisine, and surrounded by quality waterfowl, duck hunting in Argentina is the trip.

Argentina Dove Shooting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Cordoba Dove Hunting

Argentina is the best dove hunting for high volume shooting. Cordoba is home to the largest dove roost in Argentina. There is nowhere else in the world that a wingshooter can experience this caliber of dove hunting anytime of the year.

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Argentina Bird Hunting

Argentina perdiz hunting is without a doubt the most exciting Upland game and Los Gauchos offers high quality perdiz hunting in combination with dove - duck hunting. Argentina Upland hunting includes bird dogs that will impress any bird hunter.

Dove Hunting in Argentina

Argentina dove hunting is high volume dove hunting, and there are no bag limits placed on these crop-destroying pests. These shoots are fast and furious and guests can plan to shoot up to a case of shells per outing.

The eared dove, which closely resembles our mourning dove, is a prolific breeder - hatching five times per year. The sheer number of roosts and doves are incredible, and these birds are swift flyers capable of challenging shooters of all skill levels.

Los Gauchos is the best dove hunting source in Argentina. From luxury Cordoba dove lodges to comfortable, budget friendly hunting lodges - we have the dove hunting destination for you in Cordoba. And you can hunt all year - anytime of the year. So Argentina dove hunting is easy to plan for a small to large group.

Los Gauchos offers dove hunting in the Argentina provinces of: Cordoba, Entre Rios, Santa Fe and Santiago del Estero.The dove hunting in Argentina is sensational and fierce. All of this for no extra charge. Any place in the field is a good seat for Cordoba doves. However, read on to learn about the Argentina dove hunting in other provinces of Argentina, many which offer more than just dove hunting. Los Gauchos offers Argentina bird hunting including doves, ducks, pigeons and Perdiz as well as the Puma and Red Stag - in one location in Argentina. Learn about the bird and game hunting Argentina is becoming famous for ....

Argentina dove hunting is considered by many wingshooting enthusiasts to be the most fun that one can have with a shotgun. The stories that you hear about the volume of Golden Eared dove in the region of Cordoba, Argentina are not exaggerations - Argentina dove hunting is the real deal - the best in the world. Facts are stubborn things; there are literally millions of doves, and this hunt just has to be experienced to be believed.

We will spare you the rest of the hype…because you just need to go.

There will be birds all over the sky continuously, and you will need to wear gloves or tape your fingers to prevent blisters from cramming in shell after shell.  Motivated shooters can shoot 50-90 boxes of shells per day, and again, that is no exaggeration. Los Gauchos is a resource and reference for Argentina dove hunting.

With access to some of the top dove hunting fields with countless roosts, Los Gauchos will listen to your group's dove hunting needs and give you some options on the dove hunting lodges that are abundant in Cordoba. Most of the Argentina dove hunting lodges are located about 1 hour from the city of Cordoba but staying at the Cordoba dove hunting lodge just adds to the Argentina dove hunt. Fine food, fine wines, modern amenities such as wifi, satellite tv, creates a high class but affordable dove hunting trip.

Planning an Argentina dove hunting trip is easy - and Los Gauchos makes it easy. Cordoba is easy to get to and the dove hunting makes the flight from the U.S. worth it. Nowhere else will you see flights of doves like you will in Cordoba and the experience of the dove hunting trip will make you forget dove hunting any place else.

Experience dove hunting heaven in Argentina. Ask Los Gauchos about the various hunting lodges and the bird hunting packages that will fit any budget. Come to Argentina and see what wing-shooting and dove hunting is all about.

I heard that Argentina dove hunting was the best there is ... but I didn't know just how great it was. I never imagined that I would see doves flying all over the sky, at every point on the compass. This is truly a dove hunting paradise - a dove hunter's dream come true. They call it Cordoba. Cordoba, Argentina.

Read what a recent client said about the Argentina dove hunting in Cordoba.

Los Gauchos is proud to offer our clients several Argentina dove hunting options in Cordoba, Argentina, as well as many other destinations in South America. Argentina hunting is one of the most popular wingshooting venues worldwide, and quite possibly the highest volume. Argentina dove hunting world records have been set in Cordoba many times, and now it's your turn to set your own.

Dove Hunting in Argentina

  1. Pick a week and dates- 4 days to be exact. The dove hunting season is year round. So any month and anyday is good for wingshooting in Cordoba.

  2. Start searching for flights to Cordoba - airline code COR -or better yet, contact Los Gauchos and let us start searching for your flight - you have packing to do for your dove hunting trip to Argentina.

  3. Send a deposit by check or credit card - $500 deposit. Los Gauchos accepts checks - Mastercard -Visa.

  4. Pack light and comfortable clothes- Luxury dove hunting lodges - but casual attire. No need to pack your dove shotgun. Los Gauchos Dove Hunting Lodges provide the top hunting gear. At no extra cost!

  5. Practice your wingshooting skills. Dove hunting in Argentina is high volume and you will be reloading and shooting more than you ever have. Practice (and safety) makes perfect!

  6. Flights set - Argentina dove hunting trip paid - Bags packed - Confirmation sent

  7. Board your flight to Cordoba and be ready for one of the best Argentina dove hunting trips ever with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

Bird hunters often ask about the hunting license for dove hunting in Argentina. Los Gauchos has the information you need about Argentina hunting licenses whether you are going dove hunting, duck hunting, pigeon hunting, Perdiz hunting, or the mega Argentina hunt - ALL OF THE ABOVE!

W e are often asked by hunters,“When is the best time to go dove hunting in Argentina ?”.

The answer is simple— any time you wish.

Cordoba dove hunting
is open for business 24/7—365 days.

Unlike North American Mourning dove, the Eared dove are non-migratory, and they are so prolific that they hatch five times per year!

Because of this, they can’t be shot out…so there is no season, and no limit placed on these crop-destroying pests in Argentina.

High volume shooting anytime you choose. South America dove hunting, come on down anytime, come one come all .

We said it, now you need to experience the dove hunting in Argentina. A sight to see and a bird hunting trip to remember and take again and again, each season.

C ontact Los Gauchos Outfitters for the latest information concerning obtaining a hunting license in Argentina, for whatever species you are considering shooting.

We will provide you with up to then minute information concerning Argentina goose hunting, as well as all other forms of legal bird hunting. Most of the dove hunting lodges in Cordoba focus on dove hunting.

Los Gauchos does offer a mixed bag Argentina bird hunt including - ducks, doves, pigeons, and Perdiz just north of Cordoba.

So, if you want a quick 3 day trip for some high volume, high action shooting, then Cordoba dove hunting is the best option.

If you are looking for some variety and maybe you have experienced the high volume dove shooting, Estancia Estero located in the Santiago del Estero area of Argentina is your best option. By far the easiest trip to plan and the best one fo the money and experience - Argentina dove hunting.

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