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Los Gauchos provides some of the top rated Argentina bird hunting trips and has been doing so since 2001. With most Argentina bird hunting trips, Buenos Aires is the first place our clients see. Los Gauchos would like to give you some references and travel tips and encourage you to stay and see this "Paris of the South", Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires is the most European city of South America, a combination of Italian buildings, French parks, large Spanish mansions and houses that, together with the magic of tango, turned Buenos Aires into the world's most sophisticated and exciting destinations.

Some updated information about arriving in Buenos Aires as of 2010. This notice is from the The US Embassy dated December 11, 2009.

The Government of Argentina will begin charging American Citizens visiting Argentina for business or tourism an entry fee of $131 U.S. dollars.  The fee will be collected only at Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport.  Once paid, the fee permits multiple entries into Argentina for ten years in accordance with United States visa reciprocity.  Americans may pay in dollars, by credit card, or with travelers checks.

Again this fee is for first time travelers to Buenos Aires and for those arriving at the international airport - EZE.

Please check the US embassy site for updates about travel to Argentina.

Now back to the sites of Buenos Aires and the shopping, hand made leather goods, architechture, different areas or neighborhoods that have their own unique style, and THE FOOD and WINE that makes this country a toursits hotspot for people all over the world.

Argentina-, the food, the wine, the people and WOW, the bird hunting, why I came and why I will return"
-Los Gauchos Argentina bird hunter

Buenos Aires is not only the capital of Argentina, but also the largest city in Argentina with over 13 million people. The diversity of the people and the culture of the Argentine people will have you coming back for more. Buenos Aires is highlighted in numerous tourists books and while they all have some good general tourist stops, Los Gauchos would like to share some with you that many of our clients have shared with us or we have experienced either before or after an Argentina bird hunting trip.

buenos aires tango

Tango Dancers - You will see them along the pedistrian streets throughout Buenos Aires.
Where the tv hit show "Dancing with Stars" learned their moves!

The first stop is the Buenos Aires international airport. Otherwise known as EZE - the airport code you should know when making flight reservations for your Argentina bird hunting trip. The airport is located about 1 hour from the heart of the city. If you are arriving into Buenos Aires and staying in the city for a day or 2 before heading over to Cordoba, Santa Fe or Patagonia, know you will arrive early in the morning and have a nice first day to relax and take in some of the world famous cuisine of Argentina.

We can't help but advise and recommend tasting some of the Argentine wine. First, the wine is very inexpensive and an excellent quality. The Mendoza and Salta regions of Argentina are 2 of the highest producing regions of wine. You can purchase wine in any grocery, gas, or local food store and at any number of restaurants and cafes in Buenos Aires.

The areas of Buenos Aires with dining are hard to find. Some of the more popular restaurants are found in the Puerto Madero area. This area is near downtown and during the good weather days, the cafes and outdoor tables overlooking the river makes a great dining spot in Buenos Aires.

The Recoleta area is one of the safest and near some of the luxury retail stores known around the world. Not only will you find some high end shopping, but also the famous Recoleta cemetery where Evita is buried and others of the elite class of Argentina. This really is a great place to walk around and see the various work of European sculptors who designed many of the tombstones and burial vaults. The cemetery is a public historical place and there is no charge to walk around the Recoleta Cemetary. Recoleta is home to several cafes and park side tango dancers, so stop, grab a cafe con leche (coffee with milk) and enjoy the gomero trees (trees that are 50 meters wide and 25 meters high) and this distinct area of Buenos Aires.

buenos aires sculpture

Los Gauchos Outfitters has contracts with several of the city's hotels. One is located in the Recoleta district and our rate is a special for Los Gauchos clients. Los Gauchos is happy to assist with hotel reservations and give any guidance on travel and touring Buenos Aires.

While seeing Buenos Aires can be done on foot, there are areas that it is best to do via remise or taxi. They are inexpensive, but it helps to have a guide or knowledge of the city before depending on the good work of a remise or taxi. Los Gauchos can assist with an English speaking guide to accompany your party for the day in Buenos Aires. Our guides can also set up tours at local ranches near Buenos Aires to see the handicrafts and culture of Argentina in it's purest form.

Los Gauchos provides Argentina Travel Tips

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: the city with the international airport (EZE) and the domestic airport (AEP) connecting bird hunters to their final destination in Argentina and/or Uruguay.

  • Argentina Peso is the main currency. Credit cards are accepted at the majority of restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. ATMS are found on just about every block of Buenos Aires.

  • Remises are the taxis of the city. Traffic is heavy and pedestrians must be careful when stopping near a busy street.

  • The current exchange rate can be found online and will be located at several of the "cambios" where Western Union and money exchange takes place. The Argentina peso (AR) has been about 3:1.

  • Wireless service is found in most cafes and parks in Buenos Aires as well as the hotels.

  • Calling Buenos Aires can be confusing. There are different area codes when calling a land line and a cellular phone. Most hotels can be called by dialing 54 11 then 8 digits that make up their phone line.

  • Make sure you purchase calling cards AFTER you land in Buenos Aires. The cards you get in the US will only work if you calling an international destination from the US. Most cell phones work in Buenos Aires; however, watch the usage as roaming and even the discounted international charges can be expensive.

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