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Argentina Big Game Hunting

Have you considered an Argentina dove hunting / big game combo trip for you next international sporting trip? If so we would like to suggest an Argentina Red Stag hunting trip as an add-on. Are you an avid deer hunter looking for the next big buck? Have you thought about Argentina?


Known around the world for the dove hunting in Cordoba, the deer hunting in Argentina is a secret hunt that the few proud deer hunters take and leave with grins and a trophy Red Stag.

Located near the Bariloche area of Argentina, the red-stag hunting in Argentina is in an area where you can combine the deer hunting with Argentina trout fishing or quail hunting.

The Argentina hunting seasons vary by province, and subject to change on a yearly basis. We can provide you up to date information for the species that you will be hunting. We can be reached at: 214-295-5281 USA office phone.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting
Patagonia vs. Northen Argentina

The bigger animals and the more challenging hunting will be found down south, but there is also good Argentina stag hunting in La Pampa, and Santiago del Estero--as well as some other provinces that are too numerous to mention.

We encourage our hunters who want to shoot stag of 3,500 SCI points or larger to go to Patagonia. Those who want to do a combination Argentina dove hunting trip along with a big game hunt should book their Argentina Red Stag Hunting trip in the province of Estero--there you will find trophy stag, and great wingshooting--all from the same lodge, Estancia Estero.

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Argentina Red Stag Hunting

In fact, one could easily skip a year on two leases in the USA and enjoy the best deer hunting Argentina has to offer (red deer) and the best dove hunting Argentina can deliver, and still spend less money!
Add waterfowl or dove hunting to that too...probably still less money.

Do The Math - It Works For Our Clients

Deer hunting in Texas, for example, has become so downright expensive that many of our clients report that they are spending the money they used to put into a lease, into one big trip to South America. Many say they get much more for the money when it comes to quantity and quality. Less time in the field?

Unfortunately, yes. More game? Not no, but hell no. They shoot far more game deer hunting in Argentina, or duck hunting, or whatever.

Still surprised? Do the math on all that you spend that goes into a hunting lease: getting to and fro, motels, feeders, license, food and beverage, and TIME--time that you could be spending more productively shooting a hundred ducks a day, or a thousand doves per day, and there you have it.

Argentina Doves

Argentina Stag Hunting

Argentina doves and pigeons: there is no set season and zero limt on these birds. Both fall under the category of "paloma", and no province sets a limit on the shooting of these birds. The popularity of this Argentina bird hunting trip has taken off like a rocket ship--mainly due to the fact that it is one of the only truly unlimited shooting venues in the world today--certainly for such a low price.

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Some folks will never give up their hunting leases for anything--and we understand....but if you resources are challenged, like many of us these days, dove hunting Argentina might just be more economical--and it will certainly be more productive!

The best duck hunting (and dove hunting and NOW Red Stag hunting) Argentina has to offer is waiting for you--at Los Gauchos Outfitters!

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See some dove hunting in Argentina - try it before or after your Red Stag Hunt in Argentina.

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