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Argentina Hunting Lodges

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Argentina Hunting Lodges

Argentina Dove Hunting Lodges

Argentina Dove Hunting lodges are located in Cordoba. Cordoba is Argentina's 2nd largest city and the world's largest dove population. If unlimited bag limits is your bird hunting game, then Cordoba dove hunting will be your trip.

Los Gauchos Outfitters offers several options for the dove hunting lodges. The images of the outside of the lodge can be found above with the video. Los Gauchos also has dedicated websites for each lodge to get some good information specific for the dove hunting in Cordoba.

Argentina Trip Details

Flights - Travel to Argentina

Flights and travel for the Cordoba dove hunts is getting easier, affordable, and more efficient season after season.

The destination city for flight arrivals/departures is CORDOBA. The airport code is COR. This airport and city can be reached from Buenos Aires (taking a short flight from the domestic airport) or by flying through Santiago Chile and then making an easy gate change - connection to Cordoba.

  • Flights - arrive/depart out of COR

  • Best to arrive before 1 PM - you will shoot the afternoon of arrival.

  • Contact our office for information on the flight schedules to Cordoba.

  • Buenos Aires is the captial of Argentina and the hub for all international flights to Argentina.

Argentina Hunting Gear-Tips-Rates

Argentina Dove Hunting Gear - Tips - Rates

Cordoba dove rates range from the low ball discount price. But be careful, Cordoba dove hunting does require a hunting license, transfers of up to one hour from the airport, a good shotgun for the high volume of doves, and of course quality shells for the extreme loading and reloading during the dove hunt in Cordoba.

The difference and variation in the price of the lodges and dove hunting trips is based on a few factors. One, are you going through a "middle man" or booking agent? Then you will pay more. Second, does the lodge have a stock of high quality hunting gear or do you have to rent or pay per day or per hour for the use of shotguns, internet, etc.

Price of shells - low prices are available by several outfitters, including Los Gauchos, just due to our long history of hunting in Argentina and the volume of hunters and shells we have dove hunting in Cordoba. The brands differ and it can be frustrating to be in the dove fields and your gun won't shoot or the ammo is poor quality.

Los Gauchos knows you travel to Cordoba to enjoy some extreme wing-shooting and the shotgun shells must be the highest quality. Learn more about the Cordoba dove shooting and why it is so good and really some of the best wing-shooting in the world.

Get some more dove hunting tips from our well traveled clients, some expert wing-shooters who are fans of Los Gauchos, and from the professional hunting guides that work in Cordoba and enjoy sharing their life-long skills of wing-shooting in Argentina.

Hunting lodges are a large part of the Argentina hunting trip. Whether you are dove hunting in Cordoba or duck hunting in Santiago del Estero - know that Los Gauchos Outfitters has access to the top hunting lodges in Argentina. We know - we've been there. In fact, our staff has been to every lodge and can give good honest descriptions of the Argentina hunting lodges. Enjoy the photos taken by owner, George Criddle. And don't forget Los Gauchos Outfitters when planning your next Argentina bird hunt.

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