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A word on conservation, from Los Gauchos owner, George Criddle:

At Los Gauchos Outfitters, we understand the concerns of many organizations and individuals that believe that South American bird hunting outfitters are engaging in excessive dove shooting in Argentina and Uruguay.

What many do not know, however, is that there is no season and no limit set for Argentina dove hunting, or dove hunting in Uruguay. In fact, we are welcomed by the farmers to conduct our high volume dove hunting on their farms, sometimes without even having to pay an entry fee.

But that does not mean that the birds should be left in the field for dead, and we are sensitive to this concern. Many of the ranches we use for dove hunting in Argentina, or Uruguay dove hunting encompass more than 50,000 acres. All of these large ranches have one thing in common: they must house and feed a very large number of migrant (usually itinerant) workers. These workers are sometimes referred to as “guachos”, although that is a loose term to describe them, because normally the only thing they have in common with a gaucho is the style of clothing that they wear.

These workers are poor, and the ranches provide them with minimal food to eat, so the landowners are glad to accept the doves and pigeons that we harvest to add to the food that they provide these workers for subsistence.

At Los Gauchos, we do our best to make sure that every bird is consumed by a human being, whether it be the migrant farm workers, or a food program that we contribute to for a homeless shelter, you have our word that we are doing everything possible to maintain a healthy image for our employees, and hunting guests.

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Below I am providing you with a letter that one of our customers, Bob Steele, has submitted, and was printed by Shooting Sportsman:

Rules Are for Fools?

Having recently returned from a hunting trip to Uruguay, I would like to comment on recent letters to the editor regarding ethics and piles of birds setting a poor example of resource conservation. As a dedicated Nevada snowcock hunter of some 15 years and having hunted every legal bird available in the Western US, I looked forward to bird hunting in South America. My goal was a quality hunt without numbers attached, focusing on perdiz, but with the opportunity to also enjoy pigeons and doves.

Los Gauchos Outfitters set us up at Estancia La Paz, where the perdiz hunting was fabulous, the dogwork remarkable and the food and lodging beyond compare. My hunting companion remarked after the first day that this trip could not get any better, yet it continued to improve for the next 31/2 days. We fired 750 rounds between us and easily could have shot two or three times as many if we had wanted to.

Only the individual hunter will know at the end of the day if he followed his own morals and ethics. Rules are for fools who wouldn't follow any law written to ensure decent behavior. Most of the hunters I know are not fools.

Bob Steele
Sparks, Nevada

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Los Gauchos Outfitters provides excellent hunting opportunities for dove hunting in Argentina, and even Argentina fishing for rainbow trout in Bariloche and San Martin, and sea run brown trout in Patagonia.

Contact us today to find out more about Los Gauchos, and how we can make your next Argentina wingshooting or fishing trip, the very best it can be!

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