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The best Dorado fishing Argentina has to offer is actually on the Uruguay River. The Uruguay River is divided in half, with each side owned by the respective country. Therefore, the best Argentina dorado fishing exists on both sides of the river. We prefer to lodge clients and launch on the Uruguayan side--its safer, cleaner, and clients just like Uruguay better.

Fly Fishing Dorado

Many of our clients want to book an Argentina dorado fishing trip that offers fly fishing too. Our response?

You can do it, but you will catch much smaller fish. The Golden dorado found throughout Argentina's mainland, in the shallow waters, are inferior in size to what we have available in La Zona, an area of the Uruguay River. The dorado here average ten pounds, and normally, one angler a day catches one that weighs in between 25-30 pounds! You will never see that fly fishing dorado in Argentina.

Personally, we take our fly rods on every trip, and when the water is shallow and conducive to catching dorado on the fly--we do it--but the conditions have to be right... If the water is deep, or murky, or both, you are just wasting time and money.

Fly fishing is your passion and the trophy dorado your goal - We have the solution.

The best fly fishing Argentina can boast on the fly can also be found NEAR La Zona. Just outside of La Zona--an area of about 2 square miles where the really big fish are--lies an area of shallows that is excellent for fly fishing most of the time.

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Here one can catch dorado in the 3-10 pound range on a fly rod, and then pick up the spinning rods and head for the dam--where the Argentina dorado fishing exceeds all expectations.

The rivers in Argentina are typically 30' - 60' wide, so fly-fishing enthusiasts will find this a perfect set-up for dorado fishing in Argentina.

This performance come with a price, but the extra money you spend versus taking a "chance" dorado fishing trip on the river is the least expensive part of the trip.

Bottom line: it's worth it to pay for access to La Zona--and that is access that only Los Gauchos Outfitters can offer.

Call us now for more details. You will want to reserve this dorado fishing trip well in advance, since access to La Zona is only available 4 days per week.

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