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It has never been easier to go duck and dove hunting in Argentina or Uruguay. There are more non-stop flights to South America—from more U.S. and European cities—than ever before.

Unfortunately, non-stop service from the USA directly to Cordoba still does not exist, but American Airlines has just initiated new non-stop service to a previously unknown high volume dove hunting destination: Uruguay.

New routes and times are part of all of the airlines that carry passengers to / from Argentina, Uruguay and Peru. The best way to stay up to date about flights for your bird hunt or fishing trip with Los Gauchos is to stay tuned to our Twitter account. (@LGauchos). It is easy to send a quick update about a new flight or sale on the Argentina flights or Uruguay flights.

For example, American Airlines just put on the schedule an additional flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE). So, good news for the dove hunting enthusiasts. This flight is great since it is a DAYTIME flight from Miami to Buenos Aires. If you want to fly during the day and arrive in Buenos Aires just in time for one of the best steak dinners and Malbac wine - this is your ticket. Check the link below for fares and available seats.

For those dorado fishing in Uruguay - the Buquebus boat (luxury hydrofoil) that travels daily between Argentina and Uruguay has started a flight between Buenos Aires and Salto. You can also fly from Montevideo to Salto on the NEW BQB airline. Take advantage of this - fares are low and makes getting to the river for the dorado fishing much easier and efficient.

Uruguay Dove Hunting | Flights and Travel Info

Dove hunting trips to Uruguay can be taken as a stand-alone trip for dove and pigeon hunting, or can be combined with duck hunting in Uruguay as well. Los Gauchos even offers cast and blast combinations for Golden Dorado fishing in Uruguay and Argentina. Argentina dove hunting trips and Uruguay dove and pigeon hunting tripsare the most efficient, time-wise—because you can be in the field shooting the very next afternoon on either one of them.

Los Gauchos has prepared a Flight Table for the Airports (airport codes) you need when checking on flight to Argentina - Uruguay - Peru




n/a n/a LIM
COR MVD - Punta del Este or SALTO  
SFN MVD - Colonia  
Trout Fishing Rio Gallegos EZE - RGL LIM

Therefore, this is the perfect trip for those who want to make a South American wingshooting trip, but need to do it in minimum time. So give it a shot! It’s convenient, exciting, and more economical than the dove hunting in Argentina.

Motivated shooters can expect to shoot just as many doves here, as they would in Cordoba. Los Gauchos Outfitters is a full service travel agency, and we can book the flight for your next bird hunting vacation to Argentina or Uruguay quickly, and easily.

Flights directly from your hometown all the way to the greatest hunting and fishing destinations in Argentina and Uruguay are available through one of the following gateways in the USA:

  • Miami (MIA) - 2 flights per night

  • New York, Kennedy (JFK)

  • Dallas (DFW)

  • Atlanta (ATL)

  • Washington, DC (IAD)

  • Houston (IAH)

Many of our clients use miles they have accumulated for their airfare. Please check with your "Advantage" group at the airlines. American Airlines Advantage miles are easy to book on-line and it currently takes between 20K-60K miles for a roundtrip, coach seat to/from Montevideo, Uruguay (MVD).

For those wanting a premium first class seat the miles needed are 50K to 125K miles. Prices for airline tickets range from $800 to $1400 roundtrip.

Please check online, use the link below or call your preferred airline. Air travel is step one of your Uruguay or Argentina bird hunting trip.

Even our guests hunting and fishing in Uruguay typically choose to stay in Buenos Aires for sightseeing, dining, shopping, and nightlife before or after their trip. We offer discount prices (less than one hundred dollars per night) at several four star hotels, and under $180 for five star hotels.

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Our office will assist with flights or you can bookmark this page and check back for low fares to Montevideo (MVD) or Cordoba, Argentina (COR), or Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE).

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