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Attention Landowners

A letter from George W. Criddle
Los Gauchos Outfitters
Founder and CEO

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Owners of Farms, Ranches, and Sporting Properties

Are you the owner of a ranch or farm in Mexico, Central America or South America that you believe has the potential to become a world class sporting property for hunting and/or fishing?

If so, we would like to talk to you about the potential of developing it, and booking it with Los Gauchos. Please contact me, George Criddle, to discuss it in detail.

If not, are you acquainted with landowners in Latin America that might be interested in developing their sporting property with Los Gauchos Outfitters? If so, we pay very large finders fees to those who refer us to a property that meets our standards, and ends up under contract as an exclusive Los Gauchos destination.

And since Los Gauchos does not do business with high-comission booking agents, this means YOU make more money in the long run!

If we are in agreement that the property has potential, I will be happy to schedule a meeting, view the property, and discuss terms particular to your destination with you in person.

Los Gauchos Outfitters is a leading wingshooting destination in Argentina- Uruguay- Peru . We are dedicated to careful growth, and look forward to the possibility of developing the following destinations under the Los Gauchos brand:

  • Duck hunting in Mexico

  • Pigeon Hunting in Paraguay

  • Wingshooting and fishing in Chile

  • Perdiz Hunting in Western Uruguay

  • Duck hunting in Northern Argentina

  • Red Stag Hunting in Patagonia

If you think that you have, or know of parties with quality hunting and fishing lodges—even if they are not on this list—please contact us to discuss in detail.

214-295-5281 or email us at:

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