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About Los Gauchos Outfitters

Los Gauchos Mission Statement

To provide our customers the best wing shooting vacation possible, and a trip to South America that will be safe, well organized, reliable, and 100% hassle free.

— Los Gauchos Outfitters

Have you been searching all around on the World Wide Web for a bird hunting trip to South America?

Maybe you have looked through several other websites, and you notice that ours is?well?a little different. Belay that, a whole lot different!

Los Gauchos Outfitters in South America

Our hope is that after careful evaluation and comparison, it will become obvious to you that our standards are simply higher than those of our competitors.

We are able to maintain these standards by managing all properties in-house, without any outside influence from booking agents, or third parties. Our employee-owned organization focuses our talents in one very specialized area: wingshooting and fishing trips to Argentina - Uruguay and Peru.

We never intend to become a one stop shopping "megastore" of hunting and fishing destinations. We do not wish to be like a WAL-MART-type "adventure travel agency". As you have probably noticed by now, our price structures are unique, and offer the sportsman who chooses to become an educated consumer the best value available in the market today. However, we are not a bargain basement; but instead, a specialty store for discriminating international wingshooters who believe that the quality and value of the total experience goes far beyond just pulling a trigger.

Bird Hunting with Los Gauchos Outfitters:

  • Very comfortable and even slightly elegant accommodations. Los Gauchos has the lodge or estancia for large groups plannning a wingshooting trip in Uruguay or Argentina or family run estancias highlighting the culture of South America.
  • Excellent bird hunting with family and professional guides in Peru. Safe, exciting bird hunting in the Andes Mountains.
  • Well-maintained, very high quality shotguns included in the package. Benelli and Beretta are just two of the gun manufacturers Los Gauchos maintains in stock.
  • A desire to shoot over expertly trained bird dogs. Perdiz hunting is included in several of the Los Gauchos hunting packages and the joy of hunting Perdiz over well trained dogs is invaluable to a wingshooter.
  • A complete worry-free package that is as all-inclusive as possible in every respect.


The owner is an avid waterfowl hunter and angler. A true leader for the Los Gauchos Outfitters team who has taken risks, been in the field with hunters and bird boys, scouted and baited the lands so he knew first hand the hunting would be good, and finally understands people are taking a hunting trip to South America. First and foremost are the clients getting on the long flight to South America who love to hunt or fish. So with renewed optimism and a clear sense of commitment, Los Gauchos continues to offer the best hunting and fishing in South America.


We all have a motivation behind our South American hunting trips. To find out why the hunting is so good in Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru. Or our motivation might be to experience South America and see it for ourselves rather than read or hear about it. Whatever the reason, our hosts are the first individuals you meet when you get your passport stamped and enter the country of Argentina, Uruguay, or Peru. They speak English and keep the group together while also offering answers to your questions and showing a little about each city and culture in South America.

Fishing Guide

Our Uruguay dorado fishing guides are not only wonderful hosts, they also win championships in Uruguay for their fishing skills. Safety is a prerequiste for all of our fishing guides, however, fun and the goal of catching is a major focus when fishing in Uruguay with Los Gauchos. Los Gauchos fishing guides work with all levels. So it might be your first time to fly-fish or it might be your 100th time, they will teach you something new and show you the best fishing in Uruguay.

Hunting Guides

Los Gauchos professional hunting guides are the best in the world. Not only do they know techniques and waterfowl behavior, they also focus to suit the needs of the hunting client. They work tirelessly with scouting, baiting, getting hunting equipment ready and the blinds or areas prepped for your hunt. They enjoy talking to clients and trust me they see and learn and have the best insight of good hunting skills. Los Gauchos is proud to get comments that claim "Los Gauchos Uruguay is home to the best guides I have ever known."

Chefs at Los Gauchos Lodges

While most of our chefs are not recognized and revered culinary stars, they could be hands down. The offers we have received to just "send" Juan to my house or ranch are amazing. The important thing is our chefs love to cook and enjoy showing off the recipes that are a part of Argentina's, Uruguay's, and Peru's history. You will see foods or restaurants that claim they are true South American in menu, but until you have traveled and tasted one of the many dishes of the Los Gauchos chefs, you will see and taste what good cooking is in South America.

Bird Hunting Guide

Los Gauchos bird hunting guides are top quality with a passion for bird hunting and experts of the country, grains, bird varieties, and weather patterns. They spend so much time before and after the Los Gauchos bird hunt for scouting, baiting, and reviewing the area or new areas for bird hunting. Hard to describe the value of a good bird hunting guide, but when you hunt with Los Gauchos Outfitters you will have a new definition for bird hunting guide.

Here is a little history regarding Los Gauchos

Los Gauchos was founded in 2001 by one American, and one Argentinean who had been paid guests of other duck and dove hunting operators in South America. The founders believed that the overall trip experience could be greatly improved as to better resemble the more professional waterfowl hunting operations that exist in North America; specifically with respect to the skill level of the guides, quality of the decoys and hunting equipment, the use of well-trained Labrador retrievers, and the quality of the food, beverages accommodations, and service.

Committed to raising the bar of South American waterfowl hunting, Los Gauchos set out. After humble beginnings, operating out of a charming little country farm house during the first two years of operation, Los Gauchos won the respect of outdoor writers, professional hunters, outdoor T.V hosts, and now literally hundreds and hundreds of clients. The Los Gauchos brand is now well known as an industry leader. Companies like Benelli and Beretta choose Los Gauchos year after year to guide them on their trips to South America because we consistently deliver the excellent shooting opportunities that make their outdoor television shows successful?and you can too.

With professional, celebrities and hundreds of clients that come for the first time to Argentina or Uruguay or their 100th time, Los Gauchos welcomes all of you and from the first time you contact the Los Gauchos office to the day of the flight, our office and staff are set to answer your questions and make sure you enjoy and have the hunting trip or fishing trip of a lifetime. Read what our clients say - we update the testimonials each week during the season after hearing the great dove hunting, duck hunting and delicious desserts and fine wines served on a Los Gauchos hunting/fishing trip.

Intrigued by the beauty of the Argentine pampas and the culture of the gauchos- the founders named the company Los Gauchos.

The gauchos were the itinerant and adventurous beret-wearing cowboys that roamed the countryside in search of work, but loved the isolation and solitude offered by Argentina's vast, empty hinterland where they existed - almost in cult-like fashion - in small communities with their families and peers.

Although their taciturn, no-nonsense work ethic earned these expert horsemen the great respect that they still enjoy today, the real gauchos (now extinct as a result of modernization) were men who embraced carefree lives of daring-do including frequent activities such as wild horse riding, late-night card playing, knife tricks, singing, and laughter.

Los Gauchos owes its success to a talented and hard working staff, and above all to our customers - your kind words and referrals are the lifeblood of our continued growth and prosperity.

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